Monday, October 19, 2015

Filaments of light.......

A lighter than air invincibility permeates and resonates through the cross hatched multi dimensional vista, that vacillates with the movement of the body, in a flight across it.

A flick and a twist of the wrist, as the cord takes on a life of it's own , galloping across the spaces of infinity.

The golden weave echoes it's subliminal origins, breaking the sound barrier on it's onward journey.
Consummate pedigrees slide in and out of their own self made boxes, venturing forth from the known, into the unknown, whilst others move their boxes in the impossible task of gaining true perspective.

Filaments of light appear at will in the most unexpected places, garnering the thought processes, and guiding it's direction, that defies the parameters of an expected choice.

The willingness of the ambulation and the courage of the intention, graced with a gratitude bathed and pampered in the dualities of what is , underscores the leap of faith in the flight across the abyss.

Tunnelling an energised possibility, through the dream scape of probabilities, the essence of what is, brings the resonation of the raucous laughter that permeates all in it's path.

A circle hewn into the well worn granite extends itself from the inanimate to the animate, capturing the homogeneous camaraderie as it is released from the talons of the hawk, on it's journey of revelation and discovery, soaring through the realms of imagination into the essence of being.

The inkling of magnificence.......

Layers of inked skin peel away, as the same design appears underneath, whilst the flesh is luminescent in it's pulsating diaphanous form.

Sacred ferns stirs the air with their gentle hypnotic movements.

Assailing dampness creeps through the bones, cloaking the skin and stirring olfactory memories.

Dismembered charred wood, breaks the landscape in form , as it's shapes play under the canopy of the resilient forest.

In the awakening depths of slumber. the hand moves upwards, grabbing at the cool breeze, as the muscles contort, clutching at the darkness of the night, whilst the energy flows through the distorted claw ,  into the sleeping body it rests on.

A night sky , filled with promise of freedom , transforms itself by the shimmering moonlight.

The sweet smell of magenta blossoms, mixed with the scent of bitter orange , cross the boughs of the sentinels trees, as the warm air vacillates through the valley of dream like moments.

Raw concrete dwellings, slice through the stillness of an azure sky, awaiting transition , as the dusk creeps it's weary way , across the splendours of a forgiving grace and gratitude.

Strains of melodic violins course their way through the ribbons and junctures of form and space , entering the crypt of the heart, illuminating the darkness of silence.

Night blooms open up their arms and their essence to the singing wind , which caresses and urges them to release their opulent all embracing scent.

Vigilant unsung heroes walk the paths, step by step , embracing the dynamics of change, garnering the true essence of their own humanity , as the idyllic safe haven of the mind, is taunted and tested , in the serenity of chaos , graced with a gratitude of upliftment.

Slingshots of illusion fire their broadside across the realms of the imagination , undiminished in their serene intensity.

Exaggerated exacerbations  stir the syrupy threads of identity beyond the pale, merging into a holistic manifestation and extrapolation of wholeness.

Merged and consolidated in an aura of greatness, solidified in the intangibilities that are magnified , through the plethora of differences held in a crucible and  locked into a void of expanding space , and finally , only reaching an inkling, of the magnificence of all

Effervescent mortality lurches, throwing it's shoulders back, raising it's eyes skyward and begins to embrace the mechanism of joy, as the eyeballs roll around in it's head , and the raucous laughter, crescendo's into the infinity of the night

Stars flicker in the sanctity of a vacuum, cradling the nigh to the whispering sentience of stardust, as all it's secrets are buried in the depths of slumber.

Glass salamanders hold their positions on the rock face, becoming the sparkling beacons, for the waylaid travellers and seekers.

Voice whisper, as the wave patterns resonate and extrapolate themselves across the distant shores of a landscape, held in the weave of an epic dream scape.

The wind paws it's way across the colourful material weathered flags, as it's invisible tendrils clutch , grab  , and for infinite moments hold on, and then, surrender themselves to their awaiting directional destiny.

Dancing in the free flow, the flapping wings cross the burnt red peace, redeemed and whole once again.

Friday, October 16, 2015


Flushed with the presence 
surrounding the footsteps of a journey
Coached and castigated through the process 
with the evolving spark of continuity

A hovering gesticulating mass 
disappears into an ether 
of extrapolation and manifestation
Playing the numbers 
as the letters appear
Stretched across a vista of the unknown

A landscape of shadow dance
playing with each other
in the stillness of a breeze

Flashes in the darkness awaken the flood of memories
Pouring through the puzzle pieces of the sky
held in the firmament 
of a twinkling, dazzling brightness
in a journey of the past

The strands of silky connectedness 
grow in the sallowness of the earth
Spreading their unpretentious truth
in the awe of what is

A dance of gracefulness plays itself out
on all who resonate
with the intangibility of wholeness
lest their true purpose be cast
on the heaps of illusion
in the mirrors of what is

Towering granite obelisks pierce the imagination
and the veils of conscious awareness
Lifting the subtle intangibility
past the duality
Into the realms of arcane knowingness

Flushed continually with the footsteps
Playing themselves out in a rhythmic dance
of intention and courage

A visionary swirl of movement
swallowing each moment
in it's entirety

Thursday, October 15, 2015


Floating across the invisibility of being
Wrapped in the crustaceans of an illusion
Exorcising the old injection moulding of identity
A part
long since forgotten, on the factory floor

Weeping leaves shed their shadows
Unafraid of the process
Energised whimsical gatherings
Celebrate unceremoniously
Casting all to the wind

Devoid of the angst
The celebratory feelings of joyousness and surrender
take hold

The balloons of the heart
take their flight upwards

Questions of association
dwell in their own melancholy
Unfettered and released
Losing their parameters
from whence they came

Standing on the bridge 
of one's own making
with the understanding
with the sense of knowingness
on the ramparts of possibility
with the breath of life

Momentary odyssey.......

Soaring ever so high through the vacuity of space.
Dismembered in the diminishing air flow.
Disjointed through the swirling perceptions.

An electric field sparking it's own filaments.

Gambling on throwing the intuitive dice.

The flayed skin of memories
Burning and smoking.

Distinguished flames 
Lower their sights
Grovelling in the hearth 
of their own embers

Enhanced survival
to the core

A breeze awaits
Splaying their magical currents
Re invited
as they burst into flames

Regurgitated flotsam burns bright
Creating it's own firmament of invincibility
Flexing it's muscle
through the obesity of an illusion

Singled out
A grain of sand 
blends with it's compatriots
in it's own magnificence
Moving across the great divide

Uncovered relapses fade serenely
into the oblivion of the night

Die hard dreams resurface
with the rippling continuity

A crust of bread falls to the forest floor
Awaiting discovery

A warriors heart pulsating in the palm of his hand
strides through the humility of his own being

Porcupine quills embellish the leaves with their salutations
Offering signs and markers
as the flow of the feet find their own unique individual rhythm

A mirrored like wall convinces and demands the self
and ponder the self
Have a conversation
with the truth of the illusion.

The hot warm glow of a heated element
Shining as a beacon
On an odyssey
in a moment

Held in the shadowless grasp and warm embrace
An eternity of being
Unmasked to the crossbeams of a manifestation
Extrapolating itself in the free flow
of the gentle breeze of transformation

Night time ruminations.......

The room fills itself with an incandescence
Heads of roses shake their petals
Spreading the energised colour of the heart

A caged lit candle
Holds it's taper upright
Ignoring the bars
It's gratitude spreading outward
Unto an infinity of possibilities

Words of gravel
Amuse themselves
disappearing underfoot

Oppressive glass walls  
In their own apparition
Occupants succumb or fly

The Welwitschia dies 
Living many lives

The offspring of the mind
Multiply in their own creativity
Venturing forth

Walk about over the precipices of choice
Cantilevering the pivot
Trust and surrender
Grace and gratitude
enraptured in a singular moment

Holding the beating heart of life
Recognition with each beat
The frailties of vulnerability
A warm embrace
Wild grasses shudder
with their shivering

The darkened face of infinity above
Sparkles with the diamond clusters
An expansive expanding universe

the cotton wool face mask 
of floating moisture

Irreverent lanterns
illuminate the sallow path

Casting the future 
into the present

Rapturous in the descension
Illuminated in the ascension

The moment.......

Abominations stir themselves through the syrupy vista of a present, sculpted and feted as the reality of choice.

The struggles that strangle and asphyxiate the ideals of dreams , overwhelms the focus in the run up, as the run off dilutes the permanence of the vision.

In the awakening moments of the ambulatory movement, the light headedness permeates the being in it's headlong rush, as the rays of light enthuse and suffuse themselves through a hologram of reality, embraced in the shimmer of auric relevance.

Metastasised stimuli break their own barriers, travelling the flow of attraction to the leaking essence from the cracked flaws of fear.

Silence, opens the road of discovery......

Disgorged from the pools of shadow, the emanating light overwhelms all, playing joyously with the textures on it's path.

A plumed chest extends it's capacity beyond the ingrained patterns of thoughts , that had eroded the originality of the innate essence.

The sweet plumes of wood smoke rise above, challenging the optic nerves in their vivacity of the stream of images that emanate from the subconsciousness of being.

Doused hessian bags ignite themselves in their moment of weakness, as the emanations continue, shamelessly bold, bolstered with the courageous intentions that have reappeared from the cloak of shadows into the intensity of light.

Swept across the granite edifices, the muscles relax , as the vision broadens  it's scope, in a fast forwarded tunnel of being, as the the intricacies and the weave of the fabric of life intensify in their magnification and scrutiny, whilst the plethora of images ply their way through a vacuum of a moment of clarity.

Imbibing the wanderlust and enthusiasm of an adventurer, seeing with the child like eyes of innocence, as the vista of perception graces itself with a magnificence of originality, free from the jaded and programmed conundrums of heresy, whilst the overwhelming reverberations of each breath are revered , in the ultimate alchemy, pursued and manifested in the headlong rush of extrapolation.

Harmonies reverberate themselves through the chasms of a vessel, seeded with purpose , graced with an innate ability to disseminate a vision beyond what is seen and driven through the shadowy forest of light, above the din of the voices , of the murmuring crowds, as the resonating obligation of creation makes it's play , taking hold , and overwhelming , with a sense of urgency .

Plunged into the code of the warrior, as the massed hordes begin their charge , thundering across the plains, on their steeds of purpose , whilst the saffron robes flight themselves in the winds of change.

The moment is now......

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Embellishing the moment.......

A fluttering breeze cools the surface of the pubescent rock, as it's texture impregnates the fingertips with it's own story.

An unfolding tale oozing through the cracks and the pores of an altered reality, criss-crossing the points of reference of the inanimate, with the essence, of the animate.

In the humbled silence of the singing avian apparitions, the status quo of the perception is altered ,with the inbred deeply buried tenacity that has surfaced to work it's magic, across the cross hatched illusions of the voice , that echoes the span of  millennia.

Dipping into the waters of regeneration, the blanketing coolness embraces, as the sensations of floating and levitating, fill the reality of a moment.

Splayed across the pampas grasses, the coolness of each clump seeps into the pores of the willingness, wandering across the planes of invigoration.

Aimless disjointed thoughts fall under the hooves of the tangled, matted woolly Bison, extending their range past the parameters of extinction.

Racing through the viscosity of the underlying meanings and expectations, overlaid with the boxed expeditions that seem to shine in their own neon lights, without the cognisance of the frozen synergy, which awaits it's own conclusional melting point.

Willingly opened up, the boxed vision quest expands the filaments of authenticity, beyond the norms of comfortability, in a supreme effort of undertaking, which has the capacity to alienate and breakthrough the form and the parameters, beyond the known, in an effort to expand, the truth and passion of self.

In the undertaking of this new quest, the friction increases, as the form becomes less recognisable from the outside, creating a sense of nonconformity and uncertainty, that their world has somehow been compromised, and the actions that are promulgated are one's of defensive nature based in the prospects of fear and difference.

Confrontation raises itself from it's slumbers, in the hope that the loaded words of threatening reason are sufficient to circumnavigate the issues, whilst the views remain a laser like look in and not a holistic picture.

Tempting the fates of right or wrong, in a closed perspective of a box , leads to the unravelling of the threads that held the original assumptions and fear in it's place.

Clear skies prevail, as the muddy bog closes in on itself and begins to dry out,  in the invigorating heat of transcending the status quo.

In the movement and sway of the rolling energy, the epiphanous spark of life overwhelms all in it's path.

Overhead, the birds embellish the moment with song.......

Thursday, September 17, 2015


The beads of perspiration appear on the skin, magnetised into making an appearance.

Running with the footsteps, over the unfolding patterned landscape.

A patch work quilt appearing in the front and slowly disappearing behind.

A  congested tube belays it's message through the convolutions of battle.

Purveyors of stories litter the side lines, pre-empting the whistle with their broad strokes of ego.

Brushed wire brushes lose their bristles, due to the activity of their own action.

Trust slips and slides it's way through the open hands and fingers of those pursuing their own agendas.

Overhead the generators race and pulsate with their add on energy, whilst the sun warms the dashboard in the open air parking lot.

Elevators converge in the glass towers, moving upwards, until their fear of heights and gravity, brings them downwards to a considered comfort zone of a relative normality of a reality.

Whispering candles converse with the shadows, flaying the surface to it's essential essence.

Saddled, with the mucous sentimentality that pervades the airways of thought.

Chugging along on the floating platform of a dream, the synchronicity of the elemental shines it's way across the waves of adventure.

Masticating jaws cannot partake in the delights of the taste sensations.

Through the open mouthed gurgling of laughter, shines an elusive light.

Penned across the pages, the consensus lays it's groundwork with the curiousness and enthusiasm of an artist.

The anticipation in the crossing of the pools of light extends itself through the lactating enthusiasm for life.

Each thought becomes the blossoming petal, unfolding in the graciousness, due to the patience and urgency of each sweet  surrender, laid bare in it's own extrapolation and manifestation.

Absorbing the light like a voltaic creative on steroids, placed in the petrified forest of living giants, soaring and ascending through the imagination and daring, of life itself.

Subsisting and surviving on the imprint  and stamp of destiny, augmented through the persistent perception and intention  of the fruits of choice.

Empty windows open and greet the passers-by, taking the opportunity  to recognise, and be cognisant, of each moment.

A sniff of the moist soil ,of an altered perspective, elongates and elasticises all the possibilities, as the golden flame nurtures itself, without the impositions imposing themselves on a essence, which is willing to enlarge itself with each passing moment of being present.

Transitioning through the shades of grey, where all is bathed in colour, as the pertinence and authenticity of the essence shines like a beckoning beacon , merging the shadows into light.

Leaving the cardboard cut out of self on the dump of illusion, as the urgency of each moment of truth , shines through invigorating all.

The hands extend and opens ,  as the seeds of opportunity , roll over the palms of destiny.

Saturday, August 15, 2015


Awaking into the darkness and stillness of the night, grinding it's way forward, without any remorse of consequence.

The caged flickering candlelight, dancing it's way past the rooms of perception, crawling across the walls of an altered perspective, jumping the great divide, whilst illuminating all in it's dance, as the Dervish's of light spin themselves in ever widening circles to the beat of the essence of life.

Fused sand molds itself into objects of a relative reality of beauty, as the light of the flickering candles transcends itself, past the boundaries of the known.

Standing under a jewelled sky, each porous moment is graced with the dancing pools of light, casting it's own choice of footprint.

Filigree shadows find each other, in their own reflective resonance, as the symphony of silence builds and stretches itself , through the waking dreams of dancing light. 

Peals of laughter ring out and reverberate their essence, through the shadows of fear and pain, as the luminosity of transparency fuses itself , through the shades of the retreating darkness.

Expedient illusions doff their hats, after throwing the gauntlet , as their histrionic influences devolve and dissolve.

Solitude in the quietness
Quietness in the togetherness
Togetherness in the solitude
Solitude in the light

Thursday, August 13, 2015


Awake at last, as the sun creeps in through the closed eyes, to warm all that it touches.

Running visions across a vista of memory ,  feet  moving continuously, as the passing parade of life is encapsulated in each moment.

The people of the past flashing the smiles of the now.

Images held in their own perpetuity of authenticity, displaying their essence, as the poignant and propelling events juxtapose themselves into their own multi faceted brilliance.

Slowing down, to the present moment, as the past is swallowed like an appetiser, and all returns to it's own memory.

The curling wisps of burning herbal smoke grow in stature, creating their own living memorial, arranging themselves into forms of perfection.

Looking at the self from afar, spinning and immersed in the tendrils of the all embracing smoke.

Above and below, the synchronisation becomes complete, as the symmetry of each moment extends itself outwards, past the boundaries of it's own existence.

Caught in the momentum of evolution, a single feather submits itself to the force of gravity and in the descent, the birds break out into song.

A celebration of a moment.......

Friday, July 10, 2015

Pushing the buttons.......

Pushing the buttons, that start moving the cogs, to search a vacuous space of the unknown, whilst dealing with the pop up realities of the present.

Yearning to increase the landscape of discovery, which opens it's multiple convolutions with open arms, and brings a sense of humility, as the road takes it's preplanned turns.

The floating images of darkness, act as beacons, whilst the pools of shadows fill and renew themselves, creating the choice of a new  creation in the present.

The subtle frailties, tingle the skin, as a reminder, floating on a breeze of tiredness, whilst the frivolity and laughter extinguish their flames, in a welcome breeze of perspective.

Walking on the vapours of inspiration, all is surreal in the onward progress, as the trajectories change, and what conspired, fizzles and is absorbed back, into the warm embrace of the whole.

Splintered fantasies turn heel on the dismembered gangplank, as it hangs forlornly, awaiting modification and transition.

Renewed dreams deseed themselves, propositioning the exponents, to nurture and persist, in the ongoing flight and juxtaposition of all.

Vigorous stirrings, playing their own rules, convalesce in the sanctity of their own sanitorium of the mind, as the watchers continue to contemplate, all that is.

The mind is emptied of it's ballast tanks ,as the brain engages itself in action, sending a slew of bubbles to the surface

The tension between the floating and the stationary is palpable, until the first tentative movements are made.

On the heels of the momentum, all vaporises, leaving naught but the trace of memory.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Continuous revolution.......

Transfixed on the centre stage, as  the periphery illuminates all, in it's hues, of subtleties and colour.

Brushed velvet undergrowth bristles in the early morning mist, as the dew drops dislodge themselves, free falling to the forest floor, resonating in their own silence.

In the reverie of an early morning, the floating pictures parade themselves, as the voices whisper in the background.

Images follow their own undulating path, without trespassing on the emotions and guilt, having been liberated from the rooting structure , in an epic battle to transcend the illusion of self.

A weary warrior sheds the armour and seeks respite, in the pit of silence, on a bed of leaves, undeterred by the external, whilst seeking counsel with the golden orb of the faithful.

Celebratory sparks light the undergrowth, in the circles of perspective, as the shadows stoke the fires of illumination.

Moving pools of shadow crickets serenade the dancing flames , as the croaking frogs provide a continuum of infinity.

The flames crackle and  sibilant hissing and popping, mesmerising with an array of images and faces, wandering through the golden hues of heat.

Circling the sapling.......
Circling the tree.......
A continuous cycle perpetuated through the extrapolation of all manifestations, flickering in the flames of life itself.

Saturday, May 23, 2015

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Cyclic Circle.......

The rain invigorates the spirit as the reverberating drops cause their moisture to seep into the ground.

Held in the grip of invisibility, the dry parched throat struggles to swallow, as the brain continues to process.

An intangible weight strikes it's poser in the chest cavity and spreads it's gravity outwards.

A lone bee struggles to find the last vestiges of pollen in the early autumn.

The twitching muscles lead the dynamic, by the nose ring, through the many battles, capitulated in the surrender of self.

Residues of this self coat the persona in a juxtaposition of haunted faces, overlaid as one.

The chest heaves a sigh, as the inward forces resurrect themselves, expanding the chest cavity in their battle of wits, to leave.

Ceremonial adulation and recognition heap themselves upon each other, speaking in tongues, as the silent one's look on.

Asphyxiated trajectories slide into each other, trepanning themselves once again into a retrospective slurry.

Fallen logs echo their own anguish in the march of transcendence.

Butterflies transmute the colour of their flapping  enthusiasm into the joyful songs of birds.

The raindrops caress the cheeks and fall with the tears into the abyss of difference.

Stretched carcasses pound their hooves through the fields of green, snorting with the spectacle of life.

Striped thunder runs their race across  the dry bush veld, waiting their chance for the first rains.

Dew drops curl their way down without ever falling, as the mask of invisibility slips through it's own notches of gravity.

Heirlooms, cauterised in blood, float themselves across time, carrying their own stories seeped in the lore of reflection.

Stone aggregate crunches under the empty boots, wandering across the lavender scented courtyard.

The seven tier fountain oozes it's precious liquid, as the sound of the cascading droplets echo and resonate through the maze of being.

The twitching fingers drag the clouds across the sky, serenaded by the singing weavers laying fortuitously in the water.

The sunbeams scratch the surface with their brightnesses, enmeshing and effusing all with it's heat , encouraging the willingness and the courage to be present.

Ebullient and joyous in an expanding cyclic circle of balance , enhancing the centre in it's clarity and perspective.

Facets and perceptions.......

From the darkness.......

Drifting clouds of hematite blackness engulf the self, caging the essence with it's filaments of nothingness.

Structures of glass and steel move in on itself, creating a vacuum, where the life essence is being trapped and slowly dessicated.

The cranium starts to shrink in it's own oblivion until the cracks appear, and that one beam of light shines through.

The connection is made as the laser like beam disseminates it's truth and the process of reverse dessication begins.

The oblique weight of the intangible darkness is replaced with the lightness of being.

In flight.......

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Free flow.....

Floating gestures free wheel themselves across the raging torrents of emotionality, greeting the well wishers and soothsayers, immobilised on the banks of the river.

Fallen nests gather speed as they are navigated by the current, in the luxury of their own surrender.

Coloured lanterns hang surrealistically  above, flickering and extending themselves with their joyousness below.

Scar tissue bears itself for the first time, after being buried, in a laden heart , and an immobilised mind.

Rays of light melt the tissue slowly, as the mind opens the floodgates to love and disburses the guilt and self loathing.

A slowly constructive process of letting go  whilst leaping into the open spaces of the heart with a confirmed conviction and intent.

Walking the warm dunes, the sand sparkles with the shards of coloured glass sprinkled like hundred's and thousand's, reminding one of a fleeting childhood ice cream sundae.

Through the looking glass, the feet find their own way,without a stumble or a fall.

The coloured shards melt into the sand from whence they came.

The illusion of reality and the reality  of the illusion continue to extrapolate and perpetuate themselves. as the floating gestures continue on their unabated path, in their own free flow.

Burning brightly on the horns of a dilemma

burning brightly on the horns of a dilemma

Saturday, April 4, 2015


Sustenance passes itself through the mesh of life, undeterred in it's mission to nurture and sustain through a cycle, layered in the many facets that are present, whilst the uninitiated miss the salient importance of that which is already there.

The persistent practice of knots pays off as the gust of the wind  catches the billowing sail and illuminates it with it's power.

Willing Gods and Goddesses whisper and play muse to all who  open their petals and surrender their precious scent to the universe, while struggling selflessly in the chaos.

Blank slate catches the sibilant whispers from the tar pits, perpetuating the flurry of barbs that are launched from their lack of curiosity and ultimate shallowness.

Recycling the conventional into the extraordinary, reaps the benefits of a purpose held in the sanctity , of each breath taken.

Tasking the silence to reveal it's hidden secrets as the water catapults itself over the precipice in a spectacular display of spray and rainbows.

Images investigate their new lodgings in the brain, toying with the other residents and enjoying the illusion of their  own longevity, in the slow capture and quick release.

Quilted patchwork thoughts sing their own karaoke, in the shouting of the silence, in their own subtleties of movement.

Panicked at the cross roads of their duality, the wilted flowerpots lose their petals in the first breeze. 

An eternity of sunlit petals float endlessly as the vibrations grow in their own stature.

Crass immobilisation's follow the greed across the urgency of their own situations.

Exploits pluck the strings of the Stradivarius ........hoping, praying  and wondering through the mockery of their own technique.

In the lapse of attention , days follow each other and all blends and blurs into a oneness of being.

Cognition of  each step, each vision in it's pureness of form and purpose, whilst the essence is held in the crucible of nurtured understanding.

Succumbing to the palpability of the moment, all else is surrendered into the flow.

Through the rock face.......

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Under the sky.......

Trusting in the flow
Weighing the elementary
Forging through the dearth
Crunching the filaments 
of the imagination
Usurping the threads
Wrangling with the precipice
in the fine red ochre dust
Floating over a sea of rocks
Walking on the backs of the frothy sea horses
the essence of the suspended moisture
Crazed with the sound of crushed sand
Inevitably high
with  the pulsations of energy
through the heart of destiny

Waiting silently
In the shadows of light
Apparitions of a whimsical essence
Dancing through the spheres of belief
Wandering the circles
Exercising the environs of truth
Channelling the aroma of freshly baked bread
into the moments

Walking the petals
Underfoot silkiness
into the scent
A moving zone of multiplicity

It wanders with a grace
Surrendered messages
Under an azure sky


Multiples beyond the jaded singular perspective

Monday, March 2, 2015

Being present.......

Flickering perspectives play their own game in the hushed silence, extrapolated  and perpetuated across an auditory and visual ephemeral line, moving and grinding itself across the meshes of one's own making.

Mesmerised, in the preconditioning of who one is and the abilities that are present, to be able to wield the honed cleaver, through that which is not recognisable  as a truth in an existential reality, in the crawl spaces of unconsciousness and the subconscious facets , until the light of acknowledgement and all realisation expedites the change in a dynamic reality, whilst all the time having the doubts that it is the truth, as the blade strikes through  all extraneous parts that are found wanting, with a sense of new found courage, willingness and intention.

In the shimmering heat everything slows, as the backlit trees cast their passing stroboscopic shadow onto the passing vehicles, whilst a tear rolls down the cheek, in a rising sense, of jubilation.

Placed in a warp of singing silence, the tree of  possibilities blossoms , in a time lapse mind view, held in the golden triangle of one's being , as the synchronisation of the heart beat extrapolates itself through the unknown and unseen.........

Woven baskets appear haphazardly in the periphery of vision and their sense of weight eclipses their fine form.

Oblique melodic tunes rhapsodise themselves in unison, scattering their notes , to the four corners, in an archaic vigil.

Gesticulating  and open mouthed, the frozen moments echo no sound.....

The carved fountain centre piece spews forth it's life force, spreading it's spray , over all who   are caught in a petrified moment, as the melodic sound of water transports all into the sacred place of being.

The fibres of life stretch themselves continuously, as the nerve endings scream in anticipation of the extreme manifestations, that present themselves, at each turn, without an explanation of the why 

.........all  that is required is the faith , that this learning curve is a peak, to stand up on and scream in joyousness, as the eyes scan the panorama, and the mind, is able to connect to the body, and it's essence of the who, and at that very moment, being totally present, on the journey of life......

Friday, January 16, 2015

Watching, waiting........casting a shadow in the night

Opening to the embrace.......

Appearances parade themselves in the finery of expectations and illusion, as the fortress of invincibility of the fa├žade, begins to show the chinks of light, seeping  from the essence, swathed in the cloth of a private power struggle, which when seen as a pattern, represents a common thread, masquerading itself as a lone wolf, dancing in the company of the unseen others.

Solemn vows greet an audience of well wishers, as the inward brush of the reflection cuts into the core of their own walled city of emotion, and if, the permission is granted to dissect and analyse their own foundation, there is always a question if the preparation has been done to allow the floodgates of a retrospective to open and flow with the moment, in a way that allows the synthesis and wholeness to follow.

A dipping orb of heat and warmth heralds an icy wind which has the ability to invigorate or leave one in it's clutches shivering.

Loosening oneself from the strings of puppetry and experiencing the truth of a moment, with the exhilaration of freedom, as the flight of the birds circles  overhead in their supreme moment of being.

The lone headlight's pierce the embracing darkness and see only what is to be seen, as the blurring white lines disappear into their own anonymity.

Love songs flood the airwaves with their different perspectives and creates a longing and a resonance with those that are seeking , in the fog of their own loneliness, as the lighthouse sends it's beams through the uncertainty and echoes it's booming signal across the void.

Opening to the embrace as the impertinence and impermanence of the barriers are realised in the solitude of the wholeness.

Stepping up onto a ledge of recognition as the manifestations  of fear gently subside into a knowingness of understanding and a path seldom travelled.

The lone wolf dances in the company of all.