Friday, January 16, 2015

Watching, waiting........casting a shadow in the night

Opening to the embrace.......

Appearances parade themselves in the finery of expectations and illusion, as the fortress of invincibility of the fa├žade, begins to show the chinks of light, seeping  from the essence, swathed in the cloth of a private power struggle, which when seen as a pattern, represents a common thread, masquerading itself as a lone wolf, dancing in the company of the unseen others.

Solemn vows greet an audience of well wishers, as the inward brush of the reflection cuts into the core of their own walled city of emotion, and if, the permission is granted to dissect and analyse their own foundation, there is always a question if the preparation has been done to allow the floodgates of a retrospective to open and flow with the moment, in a way that allows the synthesis and wholeness to follow.

A dipping orb of heat and warmth heralds an icy wind which has the ability to invigorate or leave one in it's clutches shivering.

Loosening oneself from the strings of puppetry and experiencing the truth of a moment, with the exhilaration of freedom, as the flight of the birds circles  overhead in their supreme moment of being.

The lone headlight's pierce the embracing darkness and see only what is to be seen, as the blurring white lines disappear into their own anonymity.

Love songs flood the airwaves with their different perspectives and creates a longing and a resonance with those that are seeking , in the fog of their own loneliness, as the lighthouse sends it's beams through the uncertainty and echoes it's booming signal across the void.

Opening to the embrace as the impertinence and impermanence of the barriers are realised in the solitude of the wholeness.

Stepping up onto a ledge of recognition as the manifestations  of fear gently subside into a knowingness of understanding and a path seldom travelled.

The lone wolf dances in the company of all.