Saturday, January 30, 2010


Across a vista
Knowing oneself
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Day by Day.......

In the vacuum of indispensability
Nocturnal visions
In the infinite vestibule of life

Patterns of invisibility
In the layers of unconsciousness
Barging across
The plains of consciousness
Requiring a choice
Demanding an intention
An orchestrated surrender

A look through
Past the dimension of conditioning

Throwing the gauntlet
on behalf of self
For self

Courageous persistence
Moving the wheel
Melting the essence
Into the wholeness
of nothing

In the disbursement
Energetically assimilated
On the rebound

A timeless reinvention
Day by day


Spanning time
Transcending generations
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The Celebration & Dance of the Beginning.......

The increased pressure in the brain lifts the mass of the body further, on a journey of implicit expansion, while the cells start to rearrange themselves in the celebration and dance of the beginning.

Caught in the momentum, the pitfalls and the mundane are exercised in the constant stream and flow of a living universe.

The sinking feeling of one reality turns into the elation and ascension of another, while the causative regression is altered in the alchemy of essence.

In the quietness of a field, appearing designs garner the full spectrum of belief, or lack thereof, whilst resonating their beauty in the intrinsic essence, where the narrative of the superiority has never before, been disputed.

Dynamic fluctuations edge all the closer to the ultimate choices and leap across the abyss of what is.

Once exiled in the diaspora of essence, the tides of change, move their way across the mainstream.

The intentions and directions have already been set, as the implementation and filtering of the present, creates the choices of the core, encompassing the spread and the manifestations of a new beginning.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


In the sunset of dualities
Above and beyond
A tree conjures the images of the mind
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Shuttered Microcosm..........Embraced Macrocosm

Shuttered in the confines of obscurity, the dull ache emanating from deep within begins to rise, causing some consternation and uneasiness as the fragrance of moist earth touches the nostrils and floods the mind with an unknown visceral unknown, not felt in previous escapades of journeying beyond what has been thought of or experienced.

Arising out of the cacophony of the noise, the gurgling sounds of a baby strike a chord as it's voice becomes the only sound.

Enmeshed in the rays and the warmth of the sunbeam, the dream is revisited, embracing the persistence, in the vision of the intention.

Driven by the flames and heat of urgency, the blood thaws in the face of an alternate reality, differing from the conditioning of a mindset couched in language which fails to live up to it's own power.

In the induced negativity of one reality, the serotonin realism of another forges ahead at terminal velocity, while finding the peace, serenity and drive to continue in a space of surrender and extension in another.

Enjoying the longevity of experience in the moment it transpires while transcending the emotional attachments that linger long after the event has transpired.

Summoning the courage and leveraging the persistence of intention to seize the arrow in mid flight and transmute the moment into one of opportunity without enduring the barbs of dis empowerment and victim status.

Seeing the variations between the light and dark, not as grey globular mass, but , a spectrum of rainbow choices, to be exercised through perseverance and warriorship in the ultimate zest for life.

Sparks of intuitiveness and the patterns of space and time come together in a display of all moments held together in the fragile existence of mankind.

Aroused from the pelagic depths of internment, the light gently embraces all in it's love and gratitude.

Leaving the confines of an obscurity, the up ended dull ache is replaced in the centre of oneness.

A microcosm living and embraced in the wholeness of the macrocosm.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Shining Forth.......

Shining forth
Bursting with the energy
Roaring with the beauty
Touched with the love
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Extrapolation.......A Journey Within.......

Tightened muscles
A contraction
A expansion
Liquid beads
The forehead's collection
Free falling earthwards
Capturing the dust
In their own evaporation

The incline of the ascension
Testing the intentions
The courage and tenacity

The air thins
The lungs burn
All is in the moment
One foot

Illusions disappear
Vistas open up
Each takes
It's own living form

Crossing the parallels
the dimensions of self
and all outward manifestations

The core of experience
All else changes in the moment

The residue
The changed perceptions
Long after

A journey within a journey

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Bridge......

Moving across
The bridge of perception.......
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Held .......In the Emergence.......

Held and caressed
In the passionate embrace
of life

A wolfs paw prints
The snowy whiteness

Letting go
In the embrace

In the divine footprint

Experiencing the freedom
of the sacred

Merged into oneness
Paw prints
One print

In the Authenticity.......

Embargoed delights
Running scared
Through the shrapnel
of the illusion

Double faces
Speaking words of appeasement
Actioning themselves
In the falsehoods of pain

Fast forward
A change of heart
An alternative
Looming from the darkness
Bathed in the shadows
Embraced by the light

Walking tall
In the authenticity
of the illusion


Beyond a current perception.......
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Illuminated in the dualities of togetherness
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Quiet Reflection.......

A quiet reflection
of the dualities
bathed in the sunlight
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In the Stillness & the Quietness......

In the stillness
In the quietness
All motion ceases

The reflective glory in the pool of surrendered water turns to the obsidian inky blackness at the start of another journey.

Hematite portals start to convey their shape and form as all else begins to fade.

Orbs of solidified sunshine appear from the depths as the animal guardians beckon the essence to follow with the inner core guidance and intention.

A glacial gallery appears in the starkness of it's whiteness and purity heralding in a companionship of spirit.

In the hollowness of the silence, the ice melts, leaving it's guardians in rigid immobility.

Searing light blankets the visions, unveiling the greenery and dynamicness of the forest of dreams and warriorship.

Vines and leaf fronds cling onto the body reversing the polarity.

Embryonic visions resurface weaving their magic across the embracing forest.

A pool beckons with it's glistening surface bedazzling with it's reflection.

In the stillness
In the quietness
The motion continues.