Sunday, September 19, 2010

The window.......

Looking at the window
From behind the circle of essence

A Sojourn Beyond.......

The past
Faded by the brilliance of the present
The future
In the engagement of the now

Each moment
Held in the crown of awareness
A Jewell
In the maker's hands
A fleeting recognition

The possessions
Embraced and surrendered
In the entirety of it's lifespan

The ultimate collection of moments
In their quest for freedom

A sojourn
Beyond the illusion

Sunday, September 12, 2010


The shadow of self
Into the unknown

Breathless shuffling.......

Shuffling forwards
Standing on the brink
In breathless anticipation

A mind's eye view
through the asphalt jungle

Myriad signals
Criss cross

Harmony in the silence

A cross road of choice
An obligation to fulfill
Witnessing the fear
In the faith o knowingness

Bare feet sink slowly into the ground, as the soil seeps through the toes, oblivious to any discomfort, while the shovel of destiny moves the granules away from the core, outwards.

The echo of one shovel striking the ground reverberates and resonates to all others.

Mesmerised by the sounds, the external patterns disappear and are replaced.

Forward and breathless
Energised and adrensalised

The next crest beckons
Shifting in the anticipation of breathlessness

On the Couch.......

Sitting with the essence of nature

Saturday, September 4, 2010


With the intention and golden thread of belief
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The Vestibule of Light.......

Beyond the darkness
Over the canopy
Into the light
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Prevailing Veils.......

The thinnest of veils
in the separation
in the belief of
fact or fiction
Conditioned to the amalgam
of what preceded

On the merry go round
of the journey
Myopic flashes
Intersperse themselves
into the consciousness
of the reality
Playing a game of catch up
Crossing the fault lines of belief
Begging comprehension
in the incomprehensible

Viewing the the cracks
The dualities and dichotomies
Awaiting their inevitable spread
Glossed over
in the reactiveness of destiny

Taking the leap
Crossing the veils
Embracing the infinite beauty
To the magic of the flow

A twisted and gnarled tree
Seeks the sunlight
A union revisited
Leaping through a comprehension
An unshakable belief
A moonlit dance
through the shadows
Into the light