Monday, December 20, 2010


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Seamless journey.......

Seamless ribbons flutter in an unforgiving breeze while audacious scales play their harmonies in the silence.
Seething in the long march, the trails of dust linger precipitously.
Weaving in and out of the multiple layers, while  excavating in the harsh glare of a vision.
Eyelids flutter, as the depths of an azure ocean are reached.
In the realm of the animalism, the vegetative is breached and decreed by edicts to have disappeared.
Simmering in the surreal
Exacerbated by the real
The journey continues.

In the city.......

Across the facades of buildings,
Under the street lights,
I look up and see the face !
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Overlay of whispers.......

Broadly sweeping across a vista littered with the whitened bones of an illusion, burnished and gilded in the reality of desire.
Garnished moments flit across and through the boudoir of emptiness, while fattening themselves in the illusion of wholeness.
Discarded integrity and the vows of humanity lie in tatters as the external grows in it's own self righteousness while the inner core shrinks in the onslaught.
Energised pockets and incremental gains play hide and seek amongst the seekers denying the darkness it's shadow.

In the silence, the overlay of whispers grow.

The canopy of trees part, letting in the light.
All is quiet.


Beyond the shadows and upwards
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Riding the step at a time

Riding the crest of the wave at terminal velocity whilst spinning in the vortex.
Manipulating each vestige of energy, in the microseconds, before coming to a halt in the sand embankment of a different reality.
Experiencing the emotions of change, as each molecule communicates it's message in the blink of an eye.
A time  to re evaluate, as the breeze of self doubt momentarily crosses one's path.
A reactive knee jerking, to the barrage of questions, without answers, swims across a space of self indulgence.
The sun tips it's hat as the minutes turn into hours,while the residues of what are not are regurgitated and expelled.
Looking at the whole image ,without the look back in distress.
Each moment presents it's own opportunities and revelations.
The time of skipped beats disappears, as the new momentum is sought and the foothold in the now ,of each moment, is regained.
A new crest appears, as the adrenalin rush mounts, creating a new moment of wholeness and the spinning vortex loses itself in the white water of the now.............

Saturday, December 4, 2010


The long sleep
Emerging from the depths
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Looking through.......

Catching a glimpse of the possibilities
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In the reveal.......

Moments of life fleetingly cascade past the point of clarity, seeping into the cracks of peripheral vision.
Inundated in the confinement of conditioned patterns of response, the truth and essence gently  trickle their way into the consciousness.
The bottomless pit of emptiness is finally infiltrated with the essence of change.
The extremities of ambivalence nurture themselves back on course as the polarities of difference begin to merge.
Leaping the gargantuan divide  presents the opportunity to regain what was lost.
Still, there resides the immobile, clinging to their beliefs in the self righteous hope of being correct.
Vacillators and spoilers race on the horse of good fortune, competing on the playground of shifting sands
The middle ground raises itself past the ramparts of non belief continuing in it's growth
The time of fleeting moments condenses, to finally reveal the essence.
A moment to revel in the reveal of creation.