Monday, December 20, 2010

Seamless journey.......

Seamless ribbons flutter in an unforgiving breeze while audacious scales play their harmonies in the silence.
Seething in the long march, the trails of dust linger precipitously.
Weaving in and out of the multiple layers, while  excavating in the harsh glare of a vision.
Eyelids flutter, as the depths of an azure ocean are reached.
In the realm of the animalism, the vegetative is breached and decreed by edicts to have disappeared.
Simmering in the surreal
Exacerbated by the real
The journey continues.


Seven Star Hand said...

Hey Derick,

To assist you in your long walk (journey...) here is some much needed illumination.

Step lightly among clouds so the new day heats your path as wisdom's sight perfects your way.

Have a Happy and enlightened New Year !!

Peace and Wisdom,


derick said...

thank you--may you have a blessed new year