Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Life Force.......

Breathing in
The dust of one's own cremation

with the wind of intentions
on the wings of destiny
with the free will of choice

with the essence of all life
Revealing the original essence

Breathing out
The energy of one's essence
Interfacing with the multitudinous multiplicity
Sailing through the sonorous winds of obliviousness
Gliding over the canopy of one's own duality
Face to face
With oneself
The essence from the moment
Each moment

Forever held
Forever surrendered

An original pastiche
Of creation



Through the realms
Slowly emerging into the light.......
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Saturday, August 29, 2009


To be able to visit the patterns and see them in the light of the present moment!
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Nebula of Essence.......

Joints stiffen in the forward momentum, on a linear scale, as the mental and spiritual revelations strip and surpass the grounded reality of pure physicality.

In the juxtaposition of the external sheath of the vehicle, in a state of deterioration, and the internal sheath in a state of growth and blossoming, the sense, importance and urgency of the moment becomes paramount.

Boring down into the essence of what is, is a truly energetic endeavour.

Along the way the distractions and the pull of the patina of illusion are able to divert the attention from the original mission and purpose of one's existence.

The nebula of essence beckons in it's persuasiveness and reality, on the road to infinity.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beyond the finiteness.......


Holding the finiteness of one's mortality
in one hand
and celebrating the infinite
In the other
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An Exisistential Sunrise.......

A sunrise beckons the moment of calm, as the early morning rays penetrate the essence of one's own aliveness.

The sheath of one's own perceptions and life are pushed and pressured away, forcing the essence of what is, to become apparent, in a manifestation of selfless consciousness.

Each resonation of conscious surrender produces a ripple effect of intensity and cyclical reciprocity.

The logic and sensibilities of the norm fall away into obsolescence as the aura of wholeness and truth prevail themselves, not as the alternate, but as a moment which has surpassed all the moments of fear and doubt.

The crystal clarity and the feeling of knowingness is not one to relegate to some obscure memory.

This is the bifurcation point of all laser like intentions and fulfills the ultimate purpose of existence.

Slipping time.....the grand design

The time slips merrily through my fingers cascading into an ever widening chasm of nothingness.

In the rendering of the present, the past was a series of events acting as a learning curve for each present moment that presents itself.

The future is the result of an overlay of the past and present, mixed in with choice, intention and willingness.

Finding that delicate balance between the illusion, the reality and the mystical supernaturalness of the moments appearing spontaneously and synchronicitiously.

As the time itself becomes the illusion, the enigma of the grand design is revealed.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Visionary Landscape.......


In the visionary landscape
All is a possibility
All is one
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Living in Truth......A Choice

Seemingly so
In the darkness
of the light
Treading water
in a mass of syrupy illusions
Viscous realities of the moment

Intense energies
Travailing intensities
Caught up
In the physical vehicle

A door opens
A door closes

Periphery leeches
Drawn towards the light
Held back
By their own obliviousness

Ascension waits
Labouring in the pockets of light

Loving their authenticity
Living their truth
Rising above the illusions of darkness...
By choice

Challenging the status quo

The critical mass

In the light of darkness
Truth prevails

Saturday, August 8, 2009


To the full spectrum
of essence
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Taking the first breath
at any age

Leaving the seed pod
of one's own parameters
Experiencing the freedom
Through the forest of dreams

With the velocity of potential

Once again

Saturday, August 1, 2009


A duality
in the footsteps
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The Roses..........Looking out

The gaze
In it's beauty
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In the light of a day
In the profusion
through the plethora of debris
over the mists of illusion
The physicality of a reality
Inward bound
a heightening of the senses
A moment