Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Horns.......

On the horns of a dilemma

Immortalised moments.......

Unravelling mysteries
Present themselves

Active replenishment
Brushed with the invigoration of an Arctic breeze

Squawking geese
Melt the ice
Young one's
following in their footsteps

In the shadow of Conquistadors
Burning desires
Loop forth
from the cauldron

Loved one's
Ever present
Across the chasms of their own realities

Flickering flames
Play across the cornea
of frozen mobility

Soul fragments
Fractured psyche
Float in a void

To see
the light

Grasping the illusion
Believing the reflection
Feeling the weight

Unsung hero
Awaiting retrieval

Moments in the present

Sunday, August 5, 2012


Recovering the essence

Edging closer.......

Edging closer
Bathed in the light
The shadows of a dream

Venerated figures
in the colourful swathes
of belief
Dancing through the pockets of memory
Held for a moment
In perceptive reality

The flames
Twisting and swirling upwards
Encouraging the flow
Satiating with heat

Through the pockets of hot air
Irradiated with a zest
Imbued with the radiance
Espousing the joyousness in the free flow


Beyond the mountain,awaiting the next moment

Transposed vestiges.......

Vestiges of a lifetime
in the annexe
of the subconscious

Chasms appear
Forcibly lighting hidden chambers
Epiphanous moments
treading water

Piercing realisations
dissect and illuminate

Prevailing choices
New intentions
Pioneering pathways

Sloughing off the shin
of accumulation
Choosing the result
Instigating the shift