Sunday, April 26, 2009



Immersing oneself....
In the truth and authenticity
Of one's inheritance
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The March Forward......

Rapid fire glimpses
Cascading images
Making landfall

Journeys of amazement
Sojourns of wondrous intentions
Explorations of darkness
Flighted levity
Ascension to the light

In the tears of joy
In the loneliness of the crowd

Conspiratorial smiles
Padding the faces....
A contemporary modernity

Frenzied ego's
The disenfranchised
Under the golden rays of a setting sun

A pied piper
A leader of note
Gracefully watches
The lemmings in zero gravity

A gap
An ever widening dislocation

Pervasive greed
Wanton senselessness
Lost values
In the cesspool of obliviousness

A growing minority
Standard bearers
Brothers and sisters
Marching forward
Chipping away
Loosing the fear
Bringing the light
Visualising holistically
Externalising the wholeness
Catalytic converters
Without words
Without self serving agendas
Moving forward
One by one

Saturday, April 25, 2009

The Shutters........


Looking through the shutters of one's life
What is there to be seen ?
What is there, that does not want to be seen ?
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Sometimes the most difficult conversation to initiate
is the one
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Organic Triple X.......

Organic triple
grounded in the hirsutness of life.......
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Taking cognizance of the past
Paves the way of the future
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Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Gathering......


In the gathering
In the darkness
Seeping upwards
From the depths
Bringing light
A salvation of opportunity
Held in it's own fragile realm
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From the depths of the imagination
The unfurling
The unravelling
of the essence of what is
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The cool breeze blows in from the south chilling the moist skin with an array of goose bumps, which merrily cavort along the surface, like an ice skater on their professional debut.

The globular moving white mass gets closer and the sounds that penetrate the aural consciousness send shivers down the spine, as the individuality of the parts is revealed,the images clamber and scuttle through the unconsciousness and beyond.

Along the forest path the eucalyptus sentinels watch continually and sing their song with the south wind, as the tears of jubilation ooze from the bark and fall in slow motion for an eternity.

Heavy joweled messianic messengers walk the plains spreading their message for a price, to all those , who for a moment in time would like to grasp and hold onto something other than what they already have.

Woman with distended belly's of life congregate in concentric circles moving in on itself, until the synchronicity is revealed in the blossoming of the bud of life.

Steel chariots reveal their mechanical specifications and the fragile ego's of their drivers as they career headlong and recklessly to their own destiny.

Feathered friends visit in the peace and serenity, and wonder aimlessly amongst the long grass.

The bonds of blood are diluted in the waters of acrimony as the winds of change and obstinacy fuel the fires of mistrust, ego and inertness.

The calmness descends like a wet cloth cloistering it's progeny long after the fact.

Gormandising gaping mouths opening and closing, offering comfort to the organism with the ease, and the illusion, of choice and standing.

Worldly in their beliefs and experience, entities start to flail when the patterns of existence bare themselves back to the basic and the edifice, built of clay dreams, begins to crumble and return to it's source.

Long after the traffic has stilled to an impertinent hum and the converging masses have returned to whence they came, there, in the stillness, a city reverberates with the silent imprinted energy, repeating their ongoing dalliance in a parallel existence of perpetual motion.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

In the Pursuit of one's Intentions.......


The object of one's intention......


Engaging the object of one's intention.......


The duality in the process......

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The prevailing clarity in the embrace of nature.......

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In the embrace and surrender of self the authenticty and truth is revealed.......

Saturday, April 11, 2009



Harmony forgotten and lost
Reminded and remembered
In the sacred realms of nature
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A Circular Return.......

In the quietness
In the stillness
An overwhelming serenity

Crushed earth
Seeping through the toes
Textured compassion
Weaving it's way
From the bowels of the earth

Flesh and bone
Sink themselves deeper
In the essence of the Mother

On the tips of the toes
Arms raised
Stretching upwards

The tangibility of touch
The intangibility of infinity
and The Father

The circle is complete
The fontanel of wholeness
Spurts forth
Changing perceptions
Shifting the paradigm

Returning home

Saturday, April 4, 2009

To Look.......To See.......An Altered Perspective.......

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To look is not always to see!

A Rhythmic Shovelling.......Fulfilling the Destiny.......

A rhythmic shovelling of the moist earth, undisturbed in the virginness of a new experience, individualised and seemingly alone in it's content and universal in it's stepping stone process.

Tangible excitement and enthusiasm closely dovetailed with the doubts and fears of the intangibility, subtlety laced with the possibilities and probabilities of opportunities, that are sometimes only able to to be held in the light of judgement,not with another, but with the potency of the shadowy and reticent side of self that pushes the boundaries of self to explore and ingratiate oneself with the reality and the wholeness of a universal being of authenticity and truth.

A definitive path does not fit all, but all, will find a place, in the definitive path.

Retracing the forgotten steps, which have for eons, always been there, waiting patiently for the footfalls of obliviousness to dissipate, while the mists of self indulgence and greed float aimlessly in the self induced reality of an organism, struggling, to comprehend the true essence and flow of universality.

Without the rhythmic shovelling and peeling away of the layers, laced with the intention of proceeding further than what has been, with the understanding and the comprehension, that all that has passed have been the building blocks on the journey, of not just the individual, but of the destiny of the species as a whole.

It is not about transforming the illusion of reality on the physical plane, while still retaining the splinters of wholeness, which preceded and perpetuated itself, due to the belief of the illusion of this reality.

As much as the single energised entity struggles with the duality and the dichotomy of living the illusion, without discarding it and journeying to reveal what lies beneath the patina and layers of conditioning, this belongs to all, plumbing the depths and creating an experience, where the alchemy of spirit can and will be realised, where the dualities and the dichotomies cease to be relevant and fall away, as the species takes the next leap in the evolution of spirit too transmutate into their essence of energy.

Harnessing the alchemy to transform is not about turning lead into gold, but being able to work and think laterally on a multi dimensional level.

To be able to use all the senses beyond the three dimensions and find that the journey is the worm hole to infinity.

The rhythmic shovelling of the moist earth is still undisturbed in the virginess of the experience, but now it is in the wholeness and togetherness that the stepping stones are traversed as a single entity of universality, on the journey to fulfill the destiny of an energised species.