Saturday, April 18, 2009


The cool breeze blows in from the south chilling the moist skin with an array of goose bumps, which merrily cavort along the surface, like an ice skater on their professional debut.

The globular moving white mass gets closer and the sounds that penetrate the aural consciousness send shivers down the spine, as the individuality of the parts is revealed,the images clamber and scuttle through the unconsciousness and beyond.

Along the forest path the eucalyptus sentinels watch continually and sing their song with the south wind, as the tears of jubilation ooze from the bark and fall in slow motion for an eternity.

Heavy joweled messianic messengers walk the plains spreading their message for a price, to all those , who for a moment in time would like to grasp and hold onto something other than what they already have.

Woman with distended belly's of life congregate in concentric circles moving in on itself, until the synchronicity is revealed in the blossoming of the bud of life.

Steel chariots reveal their mechanical specifications and the fragile ego's of their drivers as they career headlong and recklessly to their own destiny.

Feathered friends visit in the peace and serenity, and wonder aimlessly amongst the long grass.

The bonds of blood are diluted in the waters of acrimony as the winds of change and obstinacy fuel the fires of mistrust, ego and inertness.

The calmness descends like a wet cloth cloistering it's progeny long after the fact.

Gormandising gaping mouths opening and closing, offering comfort to the organism with the ease, and the illusion, of choice and standing.

Worldly in their beliefs and experience, entities start to flail when the patterns of existence bare themselves back to the basic and the edifice, built of clay dreams, begins to crumble and return to it's source.

Long after the traffic has stilled to an impertinent hum and the converging masses have returned to whence they came, there, in the stillness, a city reverberates with the silent imprinted energy, repeating their ongoing dalliance in a parallel existence of perpetual motion.

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