Saturday, April 4, 2009

A Rhythmic Shovelling.......Fulfilling the Destiny.......

A rhythmic shovelling of the moist earth, undisturbed in the virginness of a new experience, individualised and seemingly alone in it's content and universal in it's stepping stone process.

Tangible excitement and enthusiasm closely dovetailed with the doubts and fears of the intangibility, subtlety laced with the possibilities and probabilities of opportunities, that are sometimes only able to to be held in the light of judgement,not with another, but with the potency of the shadowy and reticent side of self that pushes the boundaries of self to explore and ingratiate oneself with the reality and the wholeness of a universal being of authenticity and truth.

A definitive path does not fit all, but all, will find a place, in the definitive path.

Retracing the forgotten steps, which have for eons, always been there, waiting patiently for the footfalls of obliviousness to dissipate, while the mists of self indulgence and greed float aimlessly in the self induced reality of an organism, struggling, to comprehend the true essence and flow of universality.

Without the rhythmic shovelling and peeling away of the layers, laced with the intention of proceeding further than what has been, with the understanding and the comprehension, that all that has passed have been the building blocks on the journey, of not just the individual, but of the destiny of the species as a whole.

It is not about transforming the illusion of reality on the physical plane, while still retaining the splinters of wholeness, which preceded and perpetuated itself, due to the belief of the illusion of this reality.

As much as the single energised entity struggles with the duality and the dichotomy of living the illusion, without discarding it and journeying to reveal what lies beneath the patina and layers of conditioning, this belongs to all, plumbing the depths and creating an experience, where the alchemy of spirit can and will be realised, where the dualities and the dichotomies cease to be relevant and fall away, as the species takes the next leap in the evolution of spirit too transmutate into their essence of energy.

Harnessing the alchemy to transform is not about turning lead into gold, but being able to work and think laterally on a multi dimensional level.

To be able to use all the senses beyond the three dimensions and find that the journey is the worm hole to infinity.

The rhythmic shovelling of the moist earth is still undisturbed in the virginess of the experience, but now it is in the wholeness and togetherness that the stepping stones are traversed as a single entity of universality, on the journey to fulfill the destiny of an energised species.

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