Sunday, January 15, 2012


Finding a place of sanctuary

Near glimpses and beyond

Naked rhubarb and beet play alongside the tarnished ribbon of steel rail road tracks gently hidden by the foliage and greatly empowered by the lack of human traffic.

Shallow furrows long since forgotten, gently prod the landscape with the reminders  of the dominance of two legs, machines and the passage of time.

Dust storms sand blast and weather the deserted wooden structures as the smell of decay permeates a forgotten memory.

Natural orifices and caverns call out in the shimmering heat, offering a space of sanctity, coolness, darkness and truth.

Gargantuan boulders standing sentinel in an ever changing landscape, hold onto the gossamer like memories of the illusion.

Termite mounds baked hard in the sunlight of the human diaspora stand proud in their accomplishment, while they teem with the freneticness of their mission, toiling in the darkness of their own parameters of reality.

A moon waxes and wanes paying homage, while forming a basis for the reverence, for the teeming masses, who have long forgotten the essence.

A beckoning and awakening plays itself out.

In the offering of change, the reality of the moment of the whole subsides, with a struggle into the truth of an individual , grappling with the dualities and the essence of their own truth.

The fields

Across the fields
Watching the flow
Through the eyes of nature