Saturday, August 21, 2010

Taking the leap.......

Taking a leap
Flying with the muses
Exacerbating a moment
Into infinity.......
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Naked in Transcendence.......An awakening dream

The external vestiges and patina of garments are relegated into the darkness.

 The being steps into the light of immortality as the beams pour over and immerse themselves into the skin, while the etched inked patterns begin to appear as a series of dots and lines.

The skin crawls with the vibrancy of a puma, fibrillating in the anticipation and expectation of the final moment of stalking it's prey.

The light intensifies in it's brightness causing the skin to become translucent.

The bones start vibrating as the denseness and opaqueness slowly disappear and reveal a rainbow of filaments, each sparkling in their own intensity.

Immersed in the radiance and  bathed  in the display, the being looks longingly at itself.

Above are the stars streaking their way across a twinned universe.

In the timeless vacuum, the bones regain their shape and the skin appears clothed and transcribed with the ink of transcendence.

Another moment.......
Another breath.......
The vigil is over,
The journey continues.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The finger print.......

Imprinted for an eternity
Forgotten in the infinity of a moment
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For the light.......
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Across .......

Across the water
A leap for joy
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Seeing the patterns
Moving with the flow
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Falling through.......

Falling through the cracks of imagination as the enveloping darkness sheds it's light from above.

Encrypted messages parade and cascade the boardwalks of frivolity, undetected in the superfluous stimuli bombardment.

Mentors appear and disappear at will, leaving their residue of wisdom as the future building blocks.

In the silence of the forests, the sound of greed and chain saws echo as the future is eroded, one by one.

The crash of the surf on the shore scrapes away the subterfuge of illusion that persists.

Slicing through the ocean of consciousness, the liner crests the waves of destiny, journeying to source.

Monday, August 9, 2010

In the moment.......

In the moment
A participation


A overwhelming gratitude

Holding the .......

Holding the essence of life
In the fingertips of one's own destiny


Masticating mandibles
Stream through
The ethos and pathos
of another day

Feathers float
through a void
Gently etching
a fragile psyche

Iconic desires
Born in the hype of chaos
Forcefully thrust
into a present of wants

Stroboscopic flashes of insight
Caught in the flood
of consumerism

A running commentary
Caught in a rut

The old ally
Left to rot
On the ramparts
of history

The worn tracks
The past
The shifting sands
An alternate reality
Humbly acknowledged
Gracefully precipitated
Through the onslaught
of an illusion

In the sanctity
In the clarity
A moment
Of truth

Joining hands
Sharing  commonality
Partaking in a destiny

In the spontaneity
Opening itself to the portals
In the moment
All moments
In the reveal
In the essence