Saturday, July 26, 2008

In the Coolness of the Darkness............

In the coolness
In the darkness

The flickering flames
A lost memory
A feeling
An upended joyousness
Buried in the deep

Crisscrossed through
The seasons of life
An embedded sensation
In it's own essence
Held in a void
Glossed over with
A patina of neglect

Trickling slowly
Drop by drop
The awareness
A forgotten truth
A lost reality
Seeping through
The porosity of self

A willingness exuded
On the bedrock of immobility

A sensing of change
An imminence
An alternative disposition
Looming large
Growing tall
Flying high

Extensions pervade
Gratitude and bliss
Wholeness and unity

In the coolness
In the darkness
Embracing lost memories
In the flickering flames
Flowing freely

A moment of oneness
A moment of wholeness

Friday, July 25, 2008

Bought & Sold..........

a wish
a desire
an extravaganza of delights
buy me now.......

Bought & Sold
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The Brickpile.................


greeting the beauty and joyousness
another day
a playful

a rejoicing
a moment of choice
sustainable in the infinity
of a single breath
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The Coffee Cup......


the aroma of change
excites the senses
a rising sun
of expectations
sipping sunlight
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A New Perspective.......


the helix
the change
the choice
the courage
the new perspective
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Journey of Light.........

forever seeking
the occular perogative
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The Bend.........


out of kilter
traversing the bend
a skeleton tree beckons

encapsulated truth
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Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Dance of Life..A Celebration

Beyond the valley...........


Yea, though i walk through the valley of the shadow of death..........
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living-----dieing.............the eulogy

In the serenity
In the coolness
In the darkness
Resplendant in the livery of the dead
Cohabiting a box of dreams
I lie
In the unadorned truth

In the realisation
in the understanding
In the empathy
In the reflection
In the gratitude
In the graciousness
In the bemused wonderment
In the reality
In the truth
In the understanding
In the heresy of words
In the actions of self
In the actions of others
In the addictions
In the bonds
In the ties of blood
In the connections of spirit
In the waking
In the sleeping
In the dreaming
In the walking
In the running
In the visual
In the auditory
In the tactile
In the manifestations
In the struggles
In the pain
In the banishment
In the sacred bastions
In the willingness
In the curiosity
In the greed
In the heritage
In the non speaking
In the silence
In the peace
In the serenity
In the coolness
In the darkness

In the moment of the moment
It is not the living
It is not the dieing

Each moment
Is the moment of death

Each moment
Is the moment of life

There is no end point

Each inhalation
I live
Each exhalation
I die
In the essence of each moment
Captured and contained
The glorious life

Blessed are the moments
Sacred are the moments

Rejoice the moments
Living and dieing
Breathing and becoming
These are the legacy
These are the blessings

Rejoice in the sanctity
Rejoice in the being
Rejoice in the becoming

Be jubilant
Passing through the annointments

In the gratitude
Walk slowly on the road of your destiny

In the serenity
In the coolness
In the darkness
Finally .........

In the light

Saturday, July 19, 2008

the duck.........abstract realism


abstract realism
coming to terms
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a kitchen moment.....

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the rings.......


the ducks remained motionless in the darkness
as the white light energy rings
appeared to join them
in their nighttime vigil
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the embrace.........

in the embrace of life
all is
must be a possibility

invoke the negation of the illusion

find the reality of wholeness
the wholeness of the reality
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Captivated & Counting the Blessings

in the rays of the rising sun
standing tall
counting the blessings
on the debris of memories

shells underfoot
a fine dust
washed with the ebb and the flow
new beginnings

pine cones
a geometric beauty
instantly opening
the seeds of their future

in the forest of dreams
fragrant mosses
revitalise the wayward senses

in the darkness of the night
flames flicker
shadows dance
unto the rhythmic beat
a lone figure
embraces a parallel reality

golden orbs
surround the flames
sentinells of the journey
gaping mouths
enamelled whiteness
singing to the majesty of the moon
under the footfall
clouds of dust arise
rejoicing in their own momentum

golden orbs oif energy
the spirited footfalls
in the circle of the labrinth
in the flickering flames
the morphing orbs
join the lone figure
a community
fellow bretheren

the footfalls increase
the dust and flames soar
even higher

as the sentinels
complete the circle
harder and harder
become one

caught in the rays of the rising sun
i am captivated
standing tall
the multiple blessings

Caught in the twilight---------Soaring even higher

caught in the twilight
synthesised emotions
assimilated images
forever wandering
a cesspool of guilt
falling through a portal
of one's own humanity

a judgement of self
forever traversing
the traversty and
the fabric of life

the darkness and fear
in the denuded rainforest
a symbol beckons.....
a lost memory
a trellis of rampant ivy
in it's outward spread
in the stifling nature of it's beauty

standing at the threshhold
a cascading staccato
a rhythmic waterfall

immersing oneself
once again
in the embryo of life

the flickering flames
lick at the core of one's being

the flesh of emotional stagnation
peels away
suspended and held
in the transition of renewal

a pool of redundancy
at one's feet
the choice

a step forward
to reclaim what is

a step backward
to reclaim the sentimentality of the illusion

reclaiming the inheritance of self

to rise above
the seemingly mundane
to fulfill the obligation
to proceed with the light
embracing the moment
in the moment
of surrender

released from the twilight
to soar even higher

Sunday, July 13, 2008

the splash

inwards the vortex
outwards to infinity

intention & choice
determine direction
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the magik

to find the magik
to see the magik
to be the magik
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seeds of dreams & destiny

Enabling oneself through necessity or choice.
Taking the next footfall is a conscious choice.
When it is not a conscious effort, then the awareness levels of synchronicity should be observed.

Between the conscious and the unconscious subconsciousness lie the veils of self empowerment and enlightenment.

The willingness to know oneself is a start.

This is not the reflection of the outside, which has been manipulated into being for self protection and survival.

The outer core has been layered with the programming of social circumstance and emotional content,

The inner core holds the essence and the light of who we truly are.

What we are is pure light energy placed in a vehicle.
A cyclical vehicle of nature like the seasons.
The opportunities to grow in this vehicle rely on the choices that we make.

We do not have everything in our control,but what we do have are the faculties of the mind to perceive what we experience in a unique way.

It is up to us to translate what we are from matter into the spiritual and then back again to matter.

We are always in a dynamic transition.
We evolve and then we have periods of being motionless and then we devolve, only to reappear and evolve once again.

We are the helix in our own lives, like a strand of DNA.

We are the seeds of our own dreams and destiny

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tree of Anubis....

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the moment...


in the moment
all is possible
to walk
to drive
to speed
to fly

always a choice
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a leap of faith....


in the pool of one's destiny

a leap of faith
a surrender
a flight to freedom
a consumation
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In the balance.....

hanging in the balance
take the initiative
make the choice
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in the darkness.......finding the light

When life is a dark room, what is it exactly that you bring into that room?
At the moment of entering, what is your emotional relationship with that room?
Is it based on an accumulation of the past?
Is it charged with with the emotional scars of what has been previously glossed over?
What are the energies that you have charged the the events in your life with and what power have you allowed that energy to have in your decision making ability?
Is the bravado all on the outside?
Is the light that you seek, like the magikal rainbow, always moving as you move?
Are you feeling lucky in life or are you creating that sense of luck ?
Are the veils of the past, like a hangman's noose around the neck?
Do you feel that the emptiness is spreading outwards?
Is everything that is on offer to you excused because of the lack of enthusiasm and passion ?

Have you usurped your own creative spark by substituting it with an addiction to something that is momentarily satisfying ?
What is that upended emotion which prevents you from participating in your own life?

When you enter the darkened room, is it the fear that strikes you and immobilises you?

How far is the awareness of self ?
How large is the curiosity of the inner mechanisms of one's own mind?
Is there a sense of blame for the past events ?
Are the floodgates of your emotions cracking under the deluge of your guilt that you hold onto?

Do you feel responsible?
Are you able to take responsibility for the past?

Taking this responsibility does not mean holding onto all the emotional energy.
Being response-able is being is being able to respond to a stimulus with a response and ensuring that one is able to process the events and deal with the amount of emotional energy that one has charged onto any situation.
Taking the responsibility is being able to expand the perception of how one is able to see.

Looking is not seeing!
How does one perceive the essence of what happens?
How does one exercise the choice or choices?
There are always the choices.

In essence all experiences have a commonality.
We see ourselves as individuals, without seeing the connecting threads of our human experience.

To hold onto a fear is seeing the large spider and not being able to see the beauty and the graciousness of the web that it is sitting on.

We would like to believe that each of us is totally different, which is true on one level, but on other levels, as much as we see ourselves as islands in a large sea, we fail to grasp that there is a duality and dichotomy which makes the interconnectedness a strength and not a weakness.

In the perception of ourselves and others, we are either able to expand and evolve or shrink and devolve.

As much as we would like to believe that in some situations we have Hobson's choice---which is no choice at all, we always have a choice.

The choices that we have are not in changing the fabric of our own experiences and living in a vacuum.

We do have the choice of changing an event, no matter how or why it has happened.
Where we are able to exercise our choices are in the perception of that event and how we are able to process it would lead to a resolution and not being tied down to the emotional energy and content of that event.

We are not able to play God in our lives, but what we are able to do is utilise that spark of godliness and better understand that as spiritual beings having a human journey and not vice versa.

Where now is that light in the darkened room ?
Is the expectation that the room will eventually light up?
What is it exactly that you are waiting for?
The ability to shed the past and create the illumination.
What you are seeking is not outside you.
The effervescence and the luminosity of that light radiates from the inner core outwards.
The only thing that is preventing you ,is yourself.
One has to travel a long way out of one's way to realise and have the epiphany that everything existed inside of self before the external journey.

There are those that would say that the external is a waste of time.
Why can't we just find those gems and move on.

This is the paradox of one's journey,exacerbated by the consumer society we inhabit.
We want everything now.

Anyone that promises one personal enlightenment in five easy lessons is deluded.

Each of us has that individual soul print spark and as such we all have our individual lessons to learn.
Life will provide us with the classroom; the people we meet will provide us with the situations, but we as individual souls are the only one's able to take the steps to regain what we once were and experience that sense of connectedness and joyousness.

In the surrender to and the embrace of the darkness, we are able to embrace ourselves to the possibilities of our own purpose and destiny.

For those who await a miracle of things to change, take charge and facilitate the first step.

Standing on a desolate coastline, on a beach, in the mist which has rolled in overnight and blanketed everything in it's secret cloak, awaken to the possibilities, changing your perceptions and as the the sun climbs, unseen in the sky and burns the blanket of mist away, experience the invigoration of the heat, as the fire cleanses and purifies, and realise ,that as you begin to see more and more, you are never alone and never have been.

Lined up along the beach are the mass of seekers, who are alongside you and as the mists dissipate, you will begin to see the interlocking threads of of connectedness and then there will be a knowingness, which has transcended the belief ,and the light will radiate from the inner core outwards and you will know the oneness of all humanity.

a leap......

a dimension of vividness
a place of safety
in the clarity of self

an ectasy of emotion
with the joyousness of life

in the paroxysm of rebirth

with the leap of surrender

in the embrace
of the unknown....
the known
see all
be all
what is

a promise......

dismiss the boundaries and the parameters
extend yourself
beyond what is known....
that which has been dormant
waiting patiently
for the retrieval

Sunday, July 6, 2008

discarnate discourse

in other realms
in other dimensions
the discarnate discourse continues
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a leaf--a face.......

to look
to see
to acknowledge
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gear change........


time to shift a gear
change the pace

is the sense of urgency uncomfortable ?
what is the intention ?
what is the desired result?
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are the monsters a nightmare or a daydream?
lurking in the parking lots of our imagination!
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Saturday, July 5, 2008