Sunday, July 20, 2008

living-----dieing.............the eulogy

In the serenity
In the coolness
In the darkness
Resplendant in the livery of the dead
Cohabiting a box of dreams
I lie
In the unadorned truth

In the realisation
in the understanding
In the empathy
In the reflection
In the gratitude
In the graciousness
In the bemused wonderment
In the reality
In the truth
In the understanding
In the heresy of words
In the actions of self
In the actions of others
In the addictions
In the bonds
In the ties of blood
In the connections of spirit
In the waking
In the sleeping
In the dreaming
In the walking
In the running
In the visual
In the auditory
In the tactile
In the manifestations
In the struggles
In the pain
In the banishment
In the sacred bastions
In the willingness
In the curiosity
In the greed
In the heritage
In the non speaking
In the silence
In the peace
In the serenity
In the coolness
In the darkness

In the moment of the moment
It is not the living
It is not the dieing

Each moment
Is the moment of death

Each moment
Is the moment of life

There is no end point

Each inhalation
I live
Each exhalation
I die
In the essence of each moment
Captured and contained
The glorious life

Blessed are the moments
Sacred are the moments

Rejoice the moments
Living and dieing
Breathing and becoming
These are the legacy
These are the blessings

Rejoice in the sanctity
Rejoice in the being
Rejoice in the becoming

Be jubilant
Passing through the annointments

In the gratitude
Walk slowly on the road of your destiny

In the serenity
In the coolness
In the darkness
Finally .........

In the light

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