Friday, July 7, 2017

The murmuring words...

The murmuring words of the muse 
lodge themselves joyously in the sanctity of the parallels
The goosebumps of feeling alive
grace themselves in ripples across the skin
One breath at a time
The singing and coo-cooing of birds
Fills my cranium with their delicate message

The clouds roll and barrel across a spectacular sky
The wind flips the pages of time in a timeless void

Etched memories
float down the river of life
The  stones heavy and earthbound
resonate their passing

Listening to naught but the vibrations of life
Passing continuously
leaving the exposed to the animations of the gift
Sharing the love and breath
Perpetuating the alchemy of the miracle

Leaving the confines of the cranial illusion
Adjusting the cognitive dissonance from the ground upwards

The entirety of the vessel
Relying on the perspective and choices
of a surrendered understanding

The closing eyes relinquish themselves
to the closeness and confines of an ever expanding infinity
Once opened 
never to return to what was

The convolutions of the revolution are the evolution

The murmuring words of the muse procreate
expanding themselves 
through the sanctity and connection
to all