Sunday, May 31, 2009


Morphing from the inanimate
to the animate
and back again

All are the whole
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The Oneness.......

The snail's pace of the evolution
A part of the revolution
A oneness of the essence
Experienced in all directions
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The Flames of Passion.......Coming Home

Breathing in
The flames of passion
Exuding the bearing
of a holistic being

Embracing the shadows
In the darkness
Overwhelmingly heavy
In their lightness of being

Leaving the fold
Semantically divided
Holding onto.......

In the illusion
To live up to the hologram

Living a set of codes
Pre decided
Unthinkingly ensconced
In the comfortability
of reason

Creating a new mold
A creation of authenticity
In the essence of energy

Promulgated through the fibres
Inherent in the animate
Silent in the inanimate

Awaiting a time
Hesitantly standing
On the invisible abyss

Institutionalised thought patterns
A leap through the vacuous cranium
Subduing the ego
Letting go

The flow of mind patterns
The slip streaming physical

Homogenised ecstasy
Free fall authenticity.
In the zero gravity
of wholeness

A return to the source of self
An interface
with the essence of all
A revolution
An evolution
A coming home.......

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Holistic Perceptions.......


Travelling inwardly
Seeing outwardly
Going beyond
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Clarity in the holistic perceptions

The step at a time

The elixir of life
Tasting the source
Being present

Imbibing the the depths
Striking inwardly
Journeying outwardly
Capturing infinity

The moment
Each moment
A multi dimensional opportunity

with the anchors of challenge
in zero gravity

Voraciously drinking
The stream of life

The essence
A moment of ecstasy
A lifetime of gratitude

at a time.......

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Saturday, May 9, 2009

In the Line of Sight.......

Experiencing all the moments
A composite image
In the blink of an eye
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A Journey of Beating Hearts.......

Standing alone
Together in a Que
With no one around

A gallery of life
Exuding the viscosity's of living
The lulling rocking motion
A vessel
Seemingly at rest

Inundation of stimuli
Varied responses
Catatonia revisited

A movement
An up pended emotion
A dubious feeling of desire
with the hollowness of the illusion

A grappling with the dualities
A misunderstanding of the dichotomies
An inward quest
Implosive in it's nature
in it's outward journey

A curiosity
A willingness to pioneer
A bypass
An altered perception

Reaching into the chest cavity of life
A sojourn
Through the illusions of the mind
A murmur of movement
On the fingertips
A forward momentum

The beating heart
In the palm of the hand

A recognition
A surrender

The heart flows
Held tightly
In the palm
An outward journey
Held aloft

Both hands
Hold onto
The beating heart
An altered reality
An apparent truth

The duality of the illusion
The misconception of the dichotomy
Into the ether

The wholeness
The authenticity
Truth in action

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Friday, May 1, 2009


Through the shadows
Into the light.......
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The Discovery.......

Fibrillating toxicity passes itself through the clenched lips of a being who has lost the attention to the detail and chosen to forget and ignore the heritage and the signs of magnificence, which for so long have been tempered into the dullness of obliviousness, while being frozen by the paroxysms of fear, induced by images and thoughts, without truly trying to see through the darkness of an illusion, which perpetuates itself with the associated fears of like and sustains the illusion while feeding the impetus of what is not and holding one in a dispassionate state of emotion, while regurgitating the energy of the past and not living up to the depth and spontaneity of a moment, where clarity and absolute truth will always prevail, if the opportunity is taken and the flow to the natural rhythms are adhered to in the surrender.

The struggle to be is the ultimate rediscovery of the core and the essence of a kernel of truth which extrapolates itself throughout the universe of the known and the unknown.