Friday, May 1, 2009

The Discovery.......

Fibrillating toxicity passes itself through the clenched lips of a being who has lost the attention to the detail and chosen to forget and ignore the heritage and the signs of magnificence, which for so long have been tempered into the dullness of obliviousness, while being frozen by the paroxysms of fear, induced by images and thoughts, without truly trying to see through the darkness of an illusion, which perpetuates itself with the associated fears of like and sustains the illusion while feeding the impetus of what is not and holding one in a dispassionate state of emotion, while regurgitating the energy of the past and not living up to the depth and spontaneity of a moment, where clarity and absolute truth will always prevail, if the opportunity is taken and the flow to the natural rhythms are adhered to in the surrender.

The struggle to be is the ultimate rediscovery of the core and the essence of a kernel of truth which extrapolates itself throughout the universe of the known and the unknown.


Silverthorn said...

Wow, this is so exquisitely put...thank you.

derick said...

It is great seeing you here--
Letting the words flow is like being in the graceful state of gratitude.
Thanks for the kind words!