Wednesday, December 24, 2008


To dream
To expand
To go forth unencumbered
Searching for the elusiveness
A flame burning brightly
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The mirror of opportunity echoes the possibility in the reality of what is.
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Pace of Change......


The pace of change is relative to the perceptions and expansion of a mind set.
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The Symbols.......

Lost & found in the translation of perception
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A Pregnant Moment..........

A moment
filled with the expectation
of a new life
New beginnings......
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Seaside Reverie.......A Salt Spray Moment........

Salt spray collects on the open skin causing rivulets of water to cascade downwards, rushing forth to an unknown destiny, caught in the rush of gravity, filled with the adrenalin euphoria of a void, unthinking and perpetuating a cycle, while the lone figure remains motionless, caught in a moment of reverie, as the mists roll in from the sea, enveloping and caressing each part of the body of this sentient being of immobility, transfixed and unwavering in the onslaught of circumstances and the prevailing relevance of it's very existence, which was not always the case.

This being contemplates all the crossroads and the dead ends it has incurred, the joyous times, the laughs, the tears, the inevitable good byes, as the energy of the physical transmutes itself once again, the feelings of inadequacy, the feelings of physical strength, the feelings of walking on air, the invincibility of youth and the sudden lack of fear as the eyes embraced the details of nothingness in the mist and the being began to sob and add to the rivulets of the salt spray with the tears that gently flowed out of the ducts and caused a sensation, unlike it had ever felt in the past.

The tears intermingled and flowed and there was finally that sense of peace at last, and, as the tears were not of anger, not of sadness, but of joy and completeness, a knowingness in the moment of standing alone, a moment in the greater scheme of things, a moment where all that truly mattered was the simplicity of the moment, that was the moment , that the mists cleared and the being was cocooned in the glorious rays and heat of the sunshine and suddenly the feet started to move, one step after the other.

The being realised that this life journey had many beginnings and many endings and as it picked up the pace, a new journey commenced with greater purpose and the knowledge that the intention was half of the battle.

It was now that it needed to show courage and move forward, onwards, outwards and to infinity, if that is what it takes.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Real, Faux or Imagined........??

Regally draped
A fur
An undigested query
Open ended
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Watching me
Watching you
A reflection
A perspective
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In the blink of an eye lies the suspension of a moment, which holds a perspective, only seen by the willing and the courageous;.
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A Moment..........

In a moment all transpires~

A glass of champagne is lifted to the lips in celebration.
A hushed silence descends on a gathered crowd in the rewarding of one it's elite members.
A computer churns over the interest of an arms dealer.
A shipment of weapons ploughs the open seas waiting to disembark it's load of death.
A midnight call whisks away a dissenter of a government.
A child goes to bed hungry.
A child disappears.
A paedophile cruises the streets preying on street children.
A run away is raped
An unknown human dies of a drug overdose.
Modern pirates hijack a ship and ransom it.
A prostitute feels the chill of a wintry breeze.
A copulation takes place.
A hit man takes out his opponent.
A circle of friends gather.
A babies diaper is changed.
A baby is suckled.
A lion stalks it's prey.
A buck tastes the metal of it's own blood.
A hooded member incites others.
A fear grows.
Money men hatch plans.
A economy crashes.
Intelligence gathering gains momentum.
A natural disaster takes place.
A festering wound is opened.
A homeless person places their head on the sidewalk for the last time.
A person is subjected to torture.
A hall reverberates with the golden sound of opera.
A drunk person starts their own car.
An aggrieved, misunderstood and alienated teenager goes on the rampage.
An abused woman loses her front teeth.
A family share their love in a night time ritual.
A preacher reins in his flock.
A surgeon saves a life
A psychologist probes a mind.
A truck driver delivers much sought after aid.
A missionary helps the poor.
A dam opens it's floodgates.
A plant begins to grow.
A heat seeking missile finds it's target.
A person loses their house through default payment.
A child blows out his candles.
A mother gives birth.
A musician pens a hit song.
An actor receives their award for their contribution.
A husband receives his promotion.
A person slides into their own oblivion without experiencing love.
A stranger extends themselves in someone elses time of need.

Through each and every moment, in the darkness and the light, there is always the choice of the path, the courageous stand of integrity and selflessness and the way forward, to be able to do one thing, that could inevitably spread and change the world, despite the ever present gloom, that will always be there, and for those unable to choose the evolutionary path, to self and group enlightenment,no matter who, where or what they represent in the hollow and shallow perspective of a moment.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Blocks of Perception........


Encased in the blocks
Enjoying one's own perception
Restricted by the parameters
Believing the illusion
Enjoying the trappings of a fine cigar
Such is the confinement of the reality
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A Plea....

Forests burn
Our mother
Our earth
Is raped

The plea for sanity
Once again ignored

In fragmentation
All destruction is possible

Hear the cry
To save
To salvage
To overcome
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A Voice......

A voice is heard repeating this day after day:

Lord of all around
Do you pretend!
Do you present me with only one reality!

Are you really the lord of all !
If I am trust your guidance....your wisdom
Show me a sign

Many years passed....
One day while crossing the river, the man got into problems in the current and as his head dipped beneath the water, he caught a glimpse of a sign.

The point to the tale is do not wait for the signs to appear.
Take the iniative and above all trust your own instincts without believing that someone else can provide an answer.

Through the Slipstream............

Sometimes running
Through the slipstream
Of one's life

To the ghosts
A past levitated
A present captured
A fullness of the gift
An unrepentant spirit
Waging a quest
In the passing of a second

All is relevant

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Perception of Possibility.......

A change in perception........


The impossible suddenly becomes a distinct possibility

How far is one willing to go?
How long is one willing to persist?
At what cost?
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The Artist's Palette....The Brushstroke of a Sentient Being.....

The day finally comes to a close, as the stinging hot needles of water refresh and draw out the built up tensions, which are replaced with an energised lethargy, as the swirls of water disappear down the drain, while the cool cotton sheets and the heaviness of the duvet enhance the contrast.

The eyes droop and the mind becomes a blank slate, receptive to the incoming waves of sleep, as all becomes still and the body sinks into the depths, as the mind starts to play it's own movie, which has the most colourful painting with an assortment of characters in various poses on a field of verdant green, interspersed with sunflowers and the bluest azure sky.

The characters start to move and I ask myself how that is possible in a painting and then I see the brush coming into the painting and with a few deft movements, I am in the painting listening to the chatter of all the other people in a language that I have never heard and do not understand, while as I look around, the sunflowers start to grow larger and fill up the spaces of the field and the other people, one by one start to disappear, and the question that keeps on coming up is, how is this all possible.

It is if, by merely thinking this, I am able to see the painting through the artists eyes and as I look down, I feel the palette of vibrant colours that I hold onto, and the paintbrush is in the other hand, and I seem to be coming closer to the painting.

As the fresh paint on the canvas assails my nostrils and I feel the texture of paint underneath, my/the artists fingernails, and at the same time, I am looking at the artist from the painting, and suddenly I embrace both worlds, and as I count the hairs on his/my moustache, a thought springs forth and it seems that we are both frozen in this moment of him/me, looking at me/him and I decide to have some fun.

Closing my eyes and searching for some kind of muse to take this further, and as we both contemplate in the depths of our imagination and inner core, I start to think that it would amazing, if the field of sunflowers opened up to a phalanx of seven horses, and suddenly the paint brush starts to work along the canvas and there before me are the horses, which of course are riderless, and as I think that, there appears seven riders, and with that he/I stand back to gain the perspective.

Looking closer, it is evident that that the faces of the riders are missing and the thought occurs that to go through the process of life, one has to embrace all in one's path to proceed and then the faces are filled in and they are all of the same person, which is me in different stages of my life and as I realise this, the rider who most represents me at the current time, pulls ahead and then all becomes crystal clear.

At the exact moment that we realise, that we are the artists, and the only one's we can rely on, to change the painting in our lives, is ourselves.
It is up to all, to be able to be the artist and look at the canvas, from near and afar, and be, the object of the micro picture of ourselves engaging in the many scenes of our journey, on a day to day basis.

I awake feeling refreshed and as I drink my morning coffee, something catches my eye.
Examining my finger nails, I see the residue of paint left behind.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

In the Palm....


In the palm
The magic of the forest comes to life
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Building Blocks.....


The natural essence of what is
will prevail
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Dream Time.......


At large
In the dreams of the imagination
A wonderous essence
In the joyousness of sleep
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There was a time....
There is a time....
There will always be a time....
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