Saturday, November 19, 2016

Dancing visions

Provocative resonance.......

The lisping wind shatters the silence
Breaking free
Into a million shards of nothingness

The wafting aroma of perpetuated success and failure
Blends itself
across a vista of beauty
in the firmament of being present

Wisps of clouds 
cross the blueness of the sky
Instigating moments of integrity
in it's onward rush of ultimate creativity

Dandelion blankets of joy
spread and cover the ground 
in their own unique relevance

On the last vestiges of an early summer breeze
the moisture floats in
rolling like buoys on a bay of plenitude

in the headlong rush of a vision
Unrelenting in it's umbilical attachment
stretching itself beyond the spaces of the known

Cast in the mercurial stones 
of an  ever changing shifting desert sand scenario
plying it's infinite course 
across the possibilities of the imagination
as moonbeams glitter
crossing the metallic ripples 
of the unknown

The hand raises itself and contemplates
The fingers 
gesture themselves through the smoke filled haze
The clarity of the moment
only offset
by the flickering flame

Wildly dancing through the heat of an illusion
releasing itself to the fire
Determined choices of an infected perception
looking down internally
to the first modicum of an inevitable truth

Twin ocular circles prevaricate themselves
The stone faced mirror images stare
through the obfuscation of each moment
The eyes burn hotter than ever

Eshewing the shadows is the foil 
for closing one's eyes to the light 

Clasping and clinching
Enfolded and entwined
Embraced and enveloped
Exploring, investigating and pursuing
a thought received 
from a muse
from the well of the intuitive being

Looking and seeing
as the detection of the observations play themselves out
with scant regard 
to the disregard and neglect
permeating ,imbuing and infusing it's way
through the myriad choices
provocative in their resonance
suffused in possibility

The fire.......

In the fading light of a day
A pile of inert wood, slowly ignites

In the flickering struggle
The memories of fire supersede
the existing moment

An overlaid resonance
A vision of once was
now is

The slowly darkened wood
turning white
the hot red embers underneath

A living process of destruction and renewal ensues
pursuing the archetypal journey
completing the circle

Hot coals whiten and transmute themselves into ashes
The sun rises on another day

A memory of one, is the memory of all. 

Friday, June 3, 2016

The whispering perspective.......

Whispering tendrils of information ply themselves across a vista of energised savannah's, forever trembling with the discovery of self.

Running fleet footed, at close quarters with the essence and held at arms length with the duality of the reality, bathed in the soft focus of the illusionary after taste.

Noxious smoke sweeps the detritus of actions, through it's own invincibility, tempered in the fires of renewal and the cauldrons of a cognisance of significance. 

Beating the hot coals of memory and experience into a floating array and display of glowing embers, being raised upwards on their sparkling chariot of surrender.

Sludge like droplets dissipate themselves in their own viscosity, as the diaphanous shimmering underneath is exposed to the light.

Rooted in the darkness of a cranial illusion, deep seated fears and images are exposed to the subtle play of light beams, causing them to slowly disintegrate into the dust from whence they came.

Pollinating bees revive the lost memories with their sounds, awakening emotions and filling the void with light.

Doused with a new perspective  and purpose of relativity to all, all seems exactly as it should be.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The cyclic roundabout........

The cold concrete is warmed with the colours of a street artist, creating a vibrancy and resonation with all who pass.

The piercing black hematite  eyes of the eagle follow the passer by, as the butterflies float across the wall, in their own resplendent  transformative swathe of colours.

The surrounding trees shimmer and shake themselves free from the shackles, as the warm breeze embraces them on their journey.

The prone supine body rests as the coverings of cotton slowly slide onto the tiled floor, whilst the flowing warmth of the water embraces and encapsulates, in a dream world of images.

Pressed ceilings rich with their absorbed history capitulate themselves and dissolve into the brightness of the night sky, laden with the sparkling jewels of a universal magic.

Through the void of spiralling emptiness appear the birds of song, to guide and dissappate the negativity of an illusion.

Fractal images garner their strength and colour, dispersing themselves through the gaps of memory and being.

In the quiet dissolution of surrender, the abyss of darkness transforms itself into a bridge of light, forever a reminder of the sanctity and wholeness of the choices of venturing forth into the unknown.

Manipulative forces impose their views in the heresy of hearsay and fear, and yet, the avenues of choice still remain in the awareness and integrity of self.

False hope stands on the pedestal of life, preaching of the old repeated tomorrow , of yesterday.

Stained glass windows and laughing children resonate with each other in the vivacity and enthusiasm of life.

Ingrained patterns appear and disappear in the vacuousness of perspectives, held as the perfect truth, in the concrete blocks of awareness and perception.

The natural rhythms of the flow and ebb continue on the cyclic roundabout,undeterred in their own magnificence.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Temptation of the senses.......

Excavating the concentricity.......

Candle light purveys it's sense of traditionality
Gently nurturing the darkness
Playing fortuitously with the shadows
Enhancing the perspective
Greeting the depths of the invisibility
with gratitude

Swooning clouds
Juxtapose themselves
Against an irreverent sunset
Radiant erubescence touching the invisible

Moss like undergrowth
Sutures itself through the skin
Webbed toes
Relish in the clarity underfoot
Clear streams of liquid joy
in the elemental constituents
Shaking the attachments
Remembering the involution
The beginning
with the circle of all

Pulsating it's way across an infinity
Superimposed with the speck of self
Spanning a galaxy
of quivering, pulsating jewels
Excavating the concentricity  of being
Expediting the dispersal mechanisms
Nature held high
In the palm of one's hand

The wingtip.......

Vacuous spaces.......

Turning around
To face the shadow of self
Emptying the bucket of emotions
Watching as they follow their natural course
Evaporating in the mind set of a sweet surrender

Graced with a gratitude
An awakening moment
In transition
A collected basket
Flowing in it's own abundance

Standing on the brink of change
An alchemy of transformation
Trusting the innate guides
Extrapolating the gifts
Believing in the knowingness
Flowing with the course
Exasperated moments
Almost forgotten
Melding into life

Embellished and covert intentions
Grind themselves
Surreptitiously exposing
their hidden agenda's
In the guise of anonymity

Vacillating winged flight
A headwind of opportunities

Challenged through the vacuous spaces of an eternity

Choosing the direction.......

Thursday, March 31, 2016

The alchemy of being.......

The compressions exact their due diligence through their own weave of particled manifestations, which occur on the most unlikely merry go round , always following the directions of intuitive divergence, that has occurred between the choices that have been exercised, up to a point in time, and the underlying niggling truth of a realisation, of the options, that exist outside any timeline.

The persuasiveness of this all encompassing other worldly reality, grows from the seed that    pre existed, in a place of being ,which when guided through the choices of life, was nurtured and became the driver for altering perspective and endeavouring to extract the purpose, through the allotment of time, under the overwhelming sway of a sense of urgency.

The exterior of the egg shell has become speckled over time, as the interior has nurtured the embryonic change.

Sweeping through the dualities, the paradoxes need to be exorcised, and the heretic content is to be placed in the fire pits of transformation, so that all may be nourished by the ashes of it's own extinction.

The obligation of the process weighs in on itself, without any exception, as the path unfolds itself in it's own precognitive flow.

Words close in on themselves in mini raptures of comprehension, as the inexplicability of the emotional renderings desert their safe haven, for the open seas of unconditional surrender.

Bathed in the surrealness, in the understanding of logic and meaning, the composite of acceptance raise their ante, through their internal time clock and the depths that have been plumbed.

Encased with the flickering light of redemption, the heightened awareness and obvious causality of all actions, the course promulgated and revered, seems to follow a different pattern of understanding and consensus.

Sweeping gestures insert themselves through the eye of the needle, touching the transit points of ecstasy and invigoration, as the touchstone teeters in the                                                         balance,criss crossing the boundaries of awareness, as the flickering flames cast their light, through the vessel of breath.

Through the stumbling halls of process, the submerged pockets of light present themselves as beacons of acuity, on an uncharted path, revealing the alchemy of essence, in the surrendered sanctity of being