Friday, June 3, 2016

The whispering perspective.......

Whispering tendrils of information ply themselves across a vista of energised savannah's, forever trembling with the discovery of self.

Running fleet footed, at close quarters with the essence and held at arms length with the duality of the reality, bathed in the soft focus of the illusionary after taste.

Noxious smoke sweeps the detritus of actions, through it's own invincibility, tempered in the fires of renewal and the cauldrons of a cognisance of significance. 

Beating the hot coals of memory and experience into a floating array and display of glowing embers, being raised upwards on their sparkling chariot of surrender.

Sludge like droplets dissipate themselves in their own viscosity, as the diaphanous shimmering underneath is exposed to the light.

Rooted in the darkness of a cranial illusion, deep seated fears and images are exposed to the subtle play of light beams, causing them to slowly disintegrate into the dust from whence they came.

Pollinating bees revive the lost memories with their sounds, awakening emotions and filling the void with light.

Doused with a new perspective  and purpose of relativity to all, all seems exactly as it should be.

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