Tuesday, August 15, 2017

In perpetuity.......

Gazing into the sun of dreams, capturing the light, as all else fades and disappears into the luminescence of a present moment, held in the dazzling brightness of a void of quiet surrender.

Fractured psyches and realities hold onto their illusion of fear and pain, as the hologram of wholeness bypasses their choices and stands mute witness to those that are made.

Sandstone  sentinel buttresses stand tall in their own reality, declaring total omnipotence, as the climate slowly erodes and withers them, grain by grain.

A slide show of images verify themselves in a dream like sequence, as the ochre walls transmute themselves, fading in and out of their reality as a solid, into a gaseous vision of openings, doorways and choices.

Solid concrete facades enliven themselves with the painted imagination of artistic warriors,expressing themselves for all to see, as the dimensionality of the viewer and the image merged together in an ever changing reality.

Candles ignite and extinguish themselves at will in the hall of mirrors,  where all the images see do not contain the self.

Reverberating in the silence, the sense of urgency presents itself sculpted in a glorious array of colours, vibrating itself into a pure essence of being, as the frequency of dipping into the syrupy mass of denseness, all but evaporates into the ether of change.

The loss of self is tempered in the forges of fire, as the molten steel is folded in on itself seven times, providing the strength, courage and mystical properties of the master craftsman in producing a blade of reverence, and then, the journey continues.

Traversing beyond the shapes and form of what is seen, to the patchwork holographic quilt of quintessential geometric shapes that play continuously in the a connection to all.

A loss of words and quietness is the stepping stone, in the realisation that the experience is indescribable, and each moment presents a new starting point, in a floating world of joyous jubilation.

An eternal flower that opens it's petals to the outside world, and in the process, remains as a reminder of the possibilities of that which exists in all moments, in perpetuity.

The captured light expands itself in the dazzling brightness of the void of total surrender.

All that remains, is the moment.

Friday, July 7, 2017

The murmuring words...

The murmuring words of the muse 
lodge themselves joyously in the sanctity of the parallels
The goosebumps of feeling alive
grace themselves in ripples across the skin
One breath at a time
The singing and coo-cooing of birds
Fills my cranium with their delicate message

The clouds roll and barrel across a spectacular sky
The wind flips the pages of time in a timeless void

Etched memories
float down the river of life
The  stones heavy and earthbound
resonate their passing

Listening to naught but the vibrations of life
Passing continuously
leaving the exposed to the animations of the gift
Sharing the love and breath
Perpetuating the alchemy of the miracle

Leaving the confines of the cranial illusion
Adjusting the cognitive dissonance from the ground upwards

The entirety of the vessel
Relying on the perspective and choices
of a surrendered understanding

The closing eyes relinquish themselves
to the closeness and confines of an ever expanding infinity
Once opened 
never to return to what was

The convolutions of the revolution are the evolution

The murmuring words of the muse procreate
expanding themselves 
through the sanctity and connection
to all

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Answering the call.......

In the joyousness.......

Untethered, the rawhide reins flap in the welcoming breeze, as the nostrils flare themselves in the increase of the uptake.

Strains of old time jazz flood the spaces of the heart, evoking the smoky mystery of it's progenitors.

Swirls of colour reflect in the whirlpool of images that pervade the psyche in the falling rain.

 Stationary people move up and down, with their own realities, on the grinding metal staircase.

Perspectives of love flourish in the quiet surrender of the holistic alternatives.

Residues of angst and hatred rear themselves upwards in their augmented cemented perspective of a reality.

Journeys traveled on the asphalt carriageways spill over into the psyche.

Mesmerising images take their chances with the collation of all from the past, stitching itself into a panoramic present.

In the idyllic sanctity of nothingness, the ochre earth and heated dryness does naught to explain the struggle for survival in this beautiful desolate landscape.

Familiar faces appear from the undergrowth, the same, but subtly changed with the elongation of time.

The intensity and pureness of the clouds uplifts my heart and essence, as the whimsicality of the birds in flight, sets all free

Stitches of colour weave their way across the canvas of creativity, as the dancing swallows flitter across the sky in a panoramic dance of grace and gratitude.

Whispering willows bow their boughs in a heightened sense of awareness and surrender as the sparkling flow of the azure waters reflects the whole linear passage of all time in an instant.

The bleached bones of the scribbling scribe float gloriously over the mirrored surface, guided gently across the realms of imagination as the flames of Prometheus light the infinity of all.

The musicality of the dirge echoes through it's own ranks, as the stomping feet and union of voices climb the thermals in the joyousness of being