Saturday, May 29, 2010

Sailing the Seven seas.......

Sailing the seven seas of love & compassion

Sunflower Plymouth.......

Travelling with a ray of sunshine

~The Highway.......~

The highway beyond.......

Fire walk.......a moment of glory

Rolling thunder and vivid flashes of light play in the fertile fields of darkness in the undulated recesses and cavities of the mind.

Wind swept plains channel the force through the valleys and peaks of the imagination, whilst emotional down draughts force the entity to spiral downwards to the depths of despair.

Creating the shrinking parameters of belief and allowing the wallowing hippo of self pity to invade one's own self image as the encroaching doubt eats away the periphery.

The transparent walls of possibilities grow opaque until there comes a moment where the truth of what is, is hauled from the bottom of the darkened pit.

A time to create a reality which will fit the outcome of one's own destiny. 

Walking through the coals of one's own self induced fire pit, the choices that are able be extrapolated are the one's that will demand courage, persistence, willingness, gratitude, humility, intention and the surrender of holding onto that which is not able to be functional and produce growth.

The walk of fire demands the experience to be experienced, but awaits the  moment of epiphany and free will to choose otherwise.

A Call to Order.......

The bleached white bones of contention
Hanging royally
Distressed in the darkness
of a closet
Family ties
Remorseful fighting
Carried through a generation

In blood
In humanity
Lost in a cesspool
In the sorrows
In the separateness
of  one's own humanity



Through the heart
In a altered reality

Snippets of conversation
In a silent movie

Moving forward
Letting go
Clutching the moments
Never meant
to be

A heralding in
A new moment
A silent resolve
A distended pause
An extended resolution
In the choices
In the physical realm

A fluttering of wings
A call to order

The harmony 

Once again

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Muse.......

In the reflection

Dream Portal.......

The dream portal is awakened

Voluptous Dreams.......

Voluptuous dreams
Spring forth
In the crucible of faith

Forgotten nightmares
Streak the cubicles of memory
Into blackness

Images of multiplicity
Jaded visuals
Reconstituting themselves
Flowing into the future
of the now 

Labyrinth pathways
Feminine mystique
Bathed in androgyny
Shining effervescently
In the luminosity
of the moment

With the thunder of intent
The lightening bolt of metamorphosis

Gently goaded
Forcibly moved
Willingly implemented
Gratefully received

The seed of compassion
The chiaroscuro juxtaposition
Blending the dualities
Warping the realities
An emerging pattern
A star like doppelganger
Engaging all

Voluptuous dreams
Spring forth
Into crucible of universality

Saturday, May 15, 2010

It is Time.......

The Rock Face.......

Assimilated extrusion
In the rock face


Dwarfed by an unexpected alternative

Sailing Past.......

Sailing past the portals 
of one reality

Slashing the Pervasive Guises.......

Slashing through the pervasive mists of shadowy guises that have been manifesting in the periphery of the awareness, as the distinction between night and day blurs and the passage of time warps, altering itself into a new reality which encompasses the extremes of emotional content from the depths of fear to the heights of jubilation.

There are no maps guiding one, as all the signposts do not exist and the reality of what is has lapsed from what was.

Preparing the slate of opportunity depends on the facets of perception and the intuitiveness that has been built and forged upon, in a reality, where the conditioning and acceptance of the set of values was of extreme importance.

The doctrine of natural and holistic reciprocity begins to show the signs and messages that have infiltrated the present with the know how and the means of access to  the heritage of a mass of humanity caught in the headlights and at the cross roads of the prescriptive transition phase.

The slashed guises begin to fall as the visions and sounds permeate a new vehicle of consciousness, while the persistence of the animal forms soar and become fleet footed as their energies merge and transpose themselves.

The choices are made and the cross roads become another pit stop along the way.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Landscape Engagement........

Engaging  in the reality of dreams
The illusion of the reality
The dichotomy of what is
what is not

Parallel Awareness.......

In the darkness, the pendulum traces the lines of light and mysterious beauty.

In the surrendered solitude, the heart beats the message of synchronicity and fellowship.

The walls of perception dissolve into the nothingness of which they emanated.

A sprig of rosemary arouses the senses to the possibilities.

An eagle bursts through the reverie, offering it's talons, as the darkness recedes in the ascension.

The soles of the feet sink deeper into the earth, as the perspective increases incrementally.

The inanimate transforms themselves into the animate, as the whispering rocks and singing trees repeat their message on the breeze of perpetuity.

Shapes of light and globular shadows reveal themselves in their true universal beauty and love.

Friday, May 7, 2010


Clutching the brickwork
Embracing a reality

The Kiss.......

Nature's kiss
In the forest of dreams