Saturday, May 15, 2010

Slashing the Pervasive Guises.......

Slashing through the pervasive mists of shadowy guises that have been manifesting in the periphery of the awareness, as the distinction between night and day blurs and the passage of time warps, altering itself into a new reality which encompasses the extremes of emotional content from the depths of fear to the heights of jubilation.

There are no maps guiding one, as all the signposts do not exist and the reality of what is has lapsed from what was.

Preparing the slate of opportunity depends on the facets of perception and the intuitiveness that has been built and forged upon, in a reality, where the conditioning and acceptance of the set of values was of extreme importance.

The doctrine of natural and holistic reciprocity begins to show the signs and messages that have infiltrated the present with the know how and the means of access to  the heritage of a mass of humanity caught in the headlights and at the cross roads of the prescriptive transition phase.

The slashed guises begin to fall as the visions and sounds permeate a new vehicle of consciousness, while the persistence of the animal forms soar and become fleet footed as their energies merge and transpose themselves.

The choices are made and the cross roads become another pit stop along the way.

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