Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fire walk.......a moment of glory

Rolling thunder and vivid flashes of light play in the fertile fields of darkness in the undulated recesses and cavities of the mind.

Wind swept plains channel the force through the valleys and peaks of the imagination, whilst emotional down draughts force the entity to spiral downwards to the depths of despair.

Creating the shrinking parameters of belief and allowing the wallowing hippo of self pity to invade one's own self image as the encroaching doubt eats away the periphery.

The transparent walls of possibilities grow opaque until there comes a moment where the truth of what is, is hauled from the bottom of the darkened pit.

A time to create a reality which will fit the outcome of one's own destiny. 

Walking through the coals of one's own self induced fire pit, the choices that are able be extrapolated are the one's that will demand courage, persistence, willingness, gratitude, humility, intention and the surrender of holding onto that which is not able to be functional and produce growth.

The walk of fire demands the experience to be experienced, but awaits the  moment of epiphany and free will to choose otherwise.

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