Saturday, July 28, 2012


Rummaging through the embossed package of emotions,  the seeing sets the pace !

Soft underbellies.......

Soft underbellies
Expose themselves
In the hairless pursuit
of happiness

Mixed metaphors
Layer the dualities
with the mindless lava flow

Increasing dexterity's
of awareness
Vaulting through the mists of time
Exposing the portals of parallels
Drilling down
Languishing in the essence

Vibrational nuances
play themselves out
Fibrillating shock waves
In the stillness
In the silence
of nothing
Moving upwards

Bursting forth

Soft underbellies
 luminesce in their own invigoration

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Moving & dancing.......

Moving and dancing through the veils of life.
A continuous extrapolation of essence.

On the rocks.......

Standing on the rock of self
Casting the net

Stepping out
Beyond the narrow parameters
Envisaging the magnificense
In the mystery
Extrapolating the depths
of wholeness

Synapses fire in unison
Granulated dreams
Tipping the scales
Taking flight

Eucalyptus permeates the coolness
Masts of steel
Touching the pin pricks of a dream

Pressure points of the psyche

The sweet flow of energy
Jump starts itself
A  cascading cadence
Overflowing in the joy
A moment
A lifetime

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A Cycle...........Full circle

Sacrificial lambs hang out to dry in the cloistered courtyards,long since deserted, on the eve of the shift, as the cycle of reciprocity comes full circle.

Iconic stones surround the circle as newcomers enter and wonder at the dredged emotionality that spews forth from their guts without knowing why.

Masks hang sublimely, on the walls staring forth, across a landscape in the voiceless silence.

Provocation to act decisively is subdued by the excessive chatter that pervades the existence in the present.

In the blazing sunlight, the stars are but a distant memory.

Caught in the quicksand of imagination, the illusion of reality, becomes the reality.

Lavender paths release their aroma, tantalising the reality.

Hedged animals stare eternally on a distant horizon.

Rosebuds flutter in the wind metamorphosing, as they scatter themselves through the obliviousness of the unconsciousness.

Permeated desires hang, onto the gossamer like threads of hope.

Empowered manifestations ooze through the pores.

Dusty adobe structures adjust and calibrate themselves at the onset of sunset as the candles ignite and the dancing shadows await their time to blossom forth in the shimmering light.

Flat stones, baked daily in the sands of alchemy levitate, off the cooling earth and vibrate into the darkness of the night.

Metal pots boil away with prepared elixir, as the eager well serving hands mix, until a fine paste is achieved.

Talking ravens vent their message to all who choose to hear.

Baying hounds still themselves in the silence.

Delicate blossoms release their emotive and poignant aromas into the parallel of stillness.

Tremors shake the ground in the gaining momentum of the swing shift.

Side-walk wall flowers enjoy the acrid inhalation of smoke and drink the slightly bitter black gold.

Cathartic singers project their emotive words and transport the listeners to a time where all was simple, by comparison.

Brushed with the rolling thunder and lightning, the organism feels alive for the very first time.

The periphery dissolves while the essence and meanings float across with succinct clarity.

The Challenge.......

Juiced up 
Strung out
Hanging on a thread

At the wall
Immersed in the ivy
Playing in the nasturtiums

Sandblasted vignettes
Subtly altered
Offering sustenance 
in the void

The moist earth
Turns itself cyclically
Stirring up the memories
Creating life

Luminescent orbs
Light the night
Playing with the shadows
Invoking the shift
Challenging all

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The reflection.......

Pondering the depths

Washed in the river.......

Stepping stones
Covered in the algae of experience
Washed in the river of destiny

Across the bay 
In the stillness
Bleached hills
Covered in the morning mist
Beckon the heart
Move the mind

Rhythmic beats
Touch the leaves
Ecstatic emancipation
In the heartbeat of time

Shimmering heat
Caresses the dream
Cascading movement
Alters the status

Flapping wings gather
Gently embracing
Engulfing the organism
Piercing the bone

The death of a moment
Gives life to the next

On the march........
Golden stepping stones
Extrapolate themselves
Expedited manifestations
In he grace 
of another journey

Sunday, July 1, 2012


Perceptive boundaries shift in the desert sands
of the psyche
Lost and buried relics reappear at whim
Spinning 360 degrees
All seems lifeless
Granules of memory
Merge themselves
A blanket of amnesiac colour

with the gratitude of silence
The Golden threads of stillness
pierce the clammy tired skin
Invigorating the senses
Cleansing the being
Pouring in
it's healing heat
into the bone

Milky glued eyes
Open and focus
As if.......
for the very first time

The hues of colours
in the absoluteness

New perspective

Sounds vibrate the being
A calibrated tuning fork
Each resonates with the other

The creation of an orchestral harmony
Prolonging the visions
Bringing one closer

Moving forward


Across the distance, screeching through the realms of possibility