Sunday, June 28, 2009

Perceptive Duality.......


The perception of the dualities
The duality of perception
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Touching the essence of life
Moment by moment
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Walking the words.......


Walking through the words and emotions of our own discomfort!
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The Poverty..............Juxtaposed

The poverty of riches
Blandly illuminated
In a headlong struggle

Down draughts of warm air
Empty skies
Gently floating downwards
The essence of meaning

of the universe
Touching beings
Oaken stave's supporting
Metal rings encasing

Emotional driftwood

Perpetuating a new aesthetic

Osmotic infusion
Permeated aroma's
of a new born forest
Always present

A chorus plays gently
with the rustling leaves
Moments of universality
Moments of exultation
A resolution
A smile
An extrusion.......
Trawling the depths of humanity

The riches
Luminescently illuminated

In the moment
An exhalation.......
An inhalation.......

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Perception of the Dualities.......


Perceptions strengthened
Dualities aligned
The essence and the source
For what is
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Answers to the Unanswered.......

In the pervasiveness of the feelings of emptiness lie the answers to all the unanswered questions.

Beyond the boundaries and the parameters of the all encompassing ego and through the minefields of the reactive emotions, there is a sense of continuity and purpose, when the feelings that are felt, are not quantified by the limited point of view of the human experience, but are seen in a broader spectrum, beyond a considered loss or gain, and in the wholeness, authenticity and sacrament of the essence of life itself.

In the partaking and assimilation of the minutiae of experience, what becomes evident with the intent of participation and surrender is the overwhelmingly grand pattern that presents itself to those who are willing to go beyond just looking and truly seeing.

To be unreasonable and find the unexpected.
To rediscover the essence of the eternal flame of childhood.
To be able to navigate not from the conditioning and confusion of an adult being but through the untainted senses of a child.

To inculcate the experiences with a passion and a zest, while jettisoning the accumulation of the perceptions and conditioning of an ineluctable society.

To reach down into the darkest recesses and come to terms with what is.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Co existence......


A singular co existence
with the muse of possibilities
Garnering the choices
Nurturing the seeds of options
Being embraced

Touched with the essence of truth
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Assessing the Moment


Taking stock
Assessing the moment
Beyond the duality of a current perception

An end
A beginning
Always a choice
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Traversed & Unmasked.......

A path traversed
A sojourn extended
A walk in grace
In the luminescence of gratitude

A backslide
A landslide
With the emotionality
of life

An expectation
A benchmark
with the perceptions
by the authenticity
Shadowed always
In the brightness of truth

A walk
A run
A journey
Searching for the wholeness of self
A panacea
Expediting itself
in the involution
in the evolution

A perception
In the line of sight
A clarity
Sometime clouded
In the laser like focus

An opening up
A trust
A belief
A knowingness
A surrender
Unmasking itself
In the viscosity of life

Monday, June 8, 2009

The Balance.......

Finding the balance
Locating the harmony
Ascertaining the essence

The masculinity
The femininity
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