Saturday, May 18, 2013


Trilogy of light unassuming in it's own breakthrough

Pensive musings........


Pensive musings under the spell ,craving the tactile senses of a brushed feather whilst listening to the heart and the harmonies of the song sung from the essence of life.


Limbs float across a washed reverie of introspection unimpeded in their own designation,

 wandering across a deluge of stimulus, forwarded through the funnels of challenge as the soft 

melodies repeat themselves irreverently  without any consensus of opinion, whilst the oppressive 

manipulations play their own stage and the star struck, slowly dissipate and become submerged in 

their own banshee wallowing, whilst cringing beneath the fa├žade that has been banished from it's 

place of holiness and righteousness, while all the time the song plays a haunting melody of a 

figment of a remembered essence.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Valley of Dreams

Across the valley of dreams inculcated in the psyche lies the essence of all that is