Friday, July 10, 2015

Pushing the buttons.......

Pushing the buttons, that start moving the cogs, to search a vacuous space of the unknown, whilst dealing with the pop up realities of the present.

Yearning to increase the landscape of discovery, which opens it's multiple convolutions with open arms, and brings a sense of humility, as the road takes it's preplanned turns.

The floating images of darkness, act as beacons, whilst the pools of shadows fill and renew themselves, creating the choice of a new  creation in the present.

The subtle frailties, tingle the skin, as a reminder, floating on a breeze of tiredness, whilst the frivolity and laughter extinguish their flames, in a welcome breeze of perspective.

Walking on the vapours of inspiration, all is surreal in the onward progress, as the trajectories change, and what conspired, fizzles and is absorbed back, into the warm embrace of the whole.

Splintered fantasies turn heel on the dismembered gangplank, as it hangs forlornly, awaiting modification and transition.

Renewed dreams deseed themselves, propositioning the exponents, to nurture and persist, in the ongoing flight and juxtaposition of all.

Vigorous stirrings, playing their own rules, convalesce in the sanctity of their own sanitorium of the mind, as the watchers continue to contemplate, all that is.

The mind is emptied of it's ballast tanks ,as the brain engages itself in action, sending a slew of bubbles to the surface

The tension between the floating and the stationary is palpable, until the first tentative movements are made.

On the heels of the momentum, all vaporises, leaving naught but the trace of memory.