Saturday, March 7, 2015

Under the sky.......

Trusting in the flow
Weighing the elementary
Forging through the dearth
Crunching the filaments 
of the imagination
Usurping the threads
Wrangling with the precipice
in the fine red ochre dust
Floating over a sea of rocks
Walking on the backs of the frothy sea horses
the essence of the suspended moisture
Crazed with the sound of crushed sand
Inevitably high
with  the pulsations of energy
through the heart of destiny

Waiting silently
In the shadows of light
Apparitions of a whimsical essence
Dancing through the spheres of belief
Wandering the circles
Exercising the environs of truth
Channelling the aroma of freshly baked bread
into the moments

Walking the petals
Underfoot silkiness
into the scent
A moving zone of multiplicity

It wanders with a grace
Surrendered messages
Under an azure sky


Multiples beyond the jaded singular perspective

Monday, March 2, 2015

Being present.......

Flickering perspectives play their own game in the hushed silence, extrapolated  and perpetuated across an auditory and visual ephemeral line, moving and grinding itself across the meshes of one's own making.

Mesmerised, in the preconditioning of who one is and the abilities that are present, to be able to wield the honed cleaver, through that which is not recognisable  as a truth in an existential reality, in the crawl spaces of unconsciousness and the subconscious facets , until the light of acknowledgement and all realisation expedites the change in a dynamic reality, whilst all the time having the doubts that it is the truth, as the blade strikes through  all extraneous parts that are found wanting, with a sense of new found courage, willingness and intention.

In the shimmering heat everything slows, as the backlit trees cast their passing stroboscopic shadow onto the passing vehicles, whilst a tear rolls down the cheek, in a rising sense, of jubilation.

Placed in a warp of singing silence, the tree of  possibilities blossoms , in a time lapse mind view, held in the golden triangle of one's being , as the synchronisation of the heart beat extrapolates itself through the unknown and unseen.........

Woven baskets appear haphazardly in the periphery of vision and their sense of weight eclipses their fine form.

Oblique melodic tunes rhapsodise themselves in unison, scattering their notes , to the four corners, in an archaic vigil.

Gesticulating  and open mouthed, the frozen moments echo no sound.....

The carved fountain centre piece spews forth it's life force, spreading it's spray , over all who   are caught in a petrified moment, as the melodic sound of water transports all into the sacred place of being.

The fibres of life stretch themselves continuously, as the nerve endings scream in anticipation of the extreme manifestations, that present themselves, at each turn, without an explanation of the why 

.........all  that is required is the faith , that this learning curve is a peak, to stand up on and scream in joyousness, as the eyes scan the panorama, and the mind, is able to connect to the body, and it's essence of the who, and at that very moment, being totally present, on the journey of life......