Saturday, July 31, 2010

Shackled, only with.......

Shackled, only with the parameters of thought.

Dancing in the.......

Dancing in the duality of the light


Visions to the past
Visions to the future
Mentoring the duality in the sustainability
Forging ahead with due diligence

Drifting through.......

Drifting through a zone of weightless interactions, emulating a bed of sea weed, detached in the flow of the current.

Weighted down with it's own physicality, but never the less, bubbling and floating to the surface.

Held by the sheer will of intention.

In the delayed time frame all movements are choreographed in a free flow spectacle.

Pelagic messiahs bring their colour and light to the shadows of the depths, uplifting the darkness into a carousel of magical dreams.

Fibrillating effervescence in the hollow emptiness of detachment.

Plumbing the depths in the chaos of duality and madness.

Vacillating through the extreme vortex of thought, awaiting the alchemy of the parallels.

Calm anxiety slakes it's way past the fallen ramparts and barriers reminiscent of the amnesiac journeys undertaken.

Flagellated by the hype of a mindset, which seems to pass in the jet stream, leaving only a trail of it's presence.

The dialog quietens leaving the voiceless messages of a voice.

A new moon rises, gently embellishing it's sacred touch on the body of the star gazer.

In the hollowness
In the emptiness
The duality and madness reveal their role.
A magnetic puzzle awaiting completion.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Portal.......

Finding the portal
Pushing through

Pushing Through.......

Pushing through the cracks of immortality
Opening the portals of vulnerability
Slicing through the patina  of normality
Following the arc of light
Imbued with
The rays of the sun

From the mass of matter
Extended and invigorated

Stepping through
Floating on the bleached white bones of history

Vivid animations
Play themselves out
In the forest of dreams
In the zest, enthusiasm and willingness
For courageous extension, extrapolation and manipulation
Reclaiming lost ground
Pushing back the parameters of illusion

Mind over matter
and the essence of what is

The Window.......

Looking in
Looking out
Through the window of innocence

In the Effervescence.......

Lurking in the depths and the shadows of an entity pushed to the limits, lies the residues of darkness, which for all intent and purpose have remained covered, until activated.

Spring loaded into the helix of life and lying dormant.

Raising the dead to continue living becomes a mission of extrapolation and extension.

Amnesiac memories stay buried in the relinquishment of the ashes of one's own disposition and mindset.

In the process of surrender and embrace, the acuteness of the imagery of the illusion show the greatest clarity.

Seeking out the ghosts of  the supernaturalness starts with the majesty and magnificence of the falling of a humble leaf, which has surrendered and submitted to the flow.

Hovering across the peaks, lies a blanket of embracing mist, touching the vista with the gentleness of a child as the reverberations are felt within all, but only realised by the few.

Thoughts spring forth resonating their beauty in a malleable reality of truth, whilst continuing in the effervescence of infinity.