Saturday, July 10, 2010

In the Effervescence.......

Lurking in the depths and the shadows of an entity pushed to the limits, lies the residues of darkness, which for all intent and purpose have remained covered, until activated.

Spring loaded into the helix of life and lying dormant.

Raising the dead to continue living becomes a mission of extrapolation and extension.

Amnesiac memories stay buried in the relinquishment of the ashes of one's own disposition and mindset.

In the process of surrender and embrace, the acuteness of the imagery of the illusion show the greatest clarity.

Seeking out the ghosts of  the supernaturalness starts with the majesty and magnificence of the falling of a humble leaf, which has surrendered and submitted to the flow.

Hovering across the peaks, lies a blanket of embracing mist, touching the vista with the gentleness of a child as the reverberations are felt within all, but only realised by the few.

Thoughts spring forth resonating their beauty in a malleable reality of truth, whilst continuing in the effervescence of infinity.

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