Thursday, March 31, 2016

The alchemy of being.......

The compressions exact their due diligence through their own weave of particled manifestations, which occur on the most unlikely merry go round , always following the directions of intuitive divergence, that has occurred between the choices that have been exercised, up to a point in time, and the underlying niggling truth of a realisation, of the options, that exist outside any timeline.

The persuasiveness of this all encompassing other worldly reality, grows from the seed that    pre existed, in a place of being ,which when guided through the choices of life, was nurtured and became the driver for altering perspective and endeavouring to extract the purpose, through the allotment of time, under the overwhelming sway of a sense of urgency.

The exterior of the egg shell has become speckled over time, as the interior has nurtured the embryonic change.

Sweeping through the dualities, the paradoxes need to be exorcised, and the heretic content is to be placed in the fire pits of transformation, so that all may be nourished by the ashes of it's own extinction.

The obligation of the process weighs in on itself, without any exception, as the path unfolds itself in it's own precognitive flow.

Words close in on themselves in mini raptures of comprehension, as the inexplicability of the emotional renderings desert their safe haven, for the open seas of unconditional surrender.

Bathed in the surrealness, in the understanding of logic and meaning, the composite of acceptance raise their ante, through their internal time clock and the depths that have been plumbed.

Encased with the flickering light of redemption, the heightened awareness and obvious causality of all actions, the course promulgated and revered, seems to follow a different pattern of understanding and consensus.

Sweeping gestures insert themselves through the eye of the needle, touching the transit points of ecstasy and invigoration, as the touchstone teeters in the                                                         balance,criss crossing the boundaries of awareness, as the flickering flames cast their light, through the vessel of breath.

Through the stumbling halls of process, the submerged pockets of light present themselves as beacons of acuity, on an uncharted path, revealing the alchemy of essence, in the surrendered sanctity of being