Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Marked Ground.......

Like a vision
In the ground
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Seeping Through.......

Seeping through the cracks of unconsciousness
the unconditionality of love

Macerated desires
Unfulfilled needs
In the vestibule of the dammed

Disappating heaviness
Re focussed
Uplifting the paradigm
An altered focus
in the embrace of change

Bulging eyes
Falling leaves
Flying branches
Touching their own expiration
In the evening
A chain saw massacre

A new generation
with the  new exponential

Thursday, January 6, 2011


the imprints of life
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Through the flow........

Through the flow
Inducted into the world of colour
and perspective

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Induction into the flow
through the archetypes
Wandering in the maze

Sun beams
Pierce the core
Flaying through the skin of indifference
the bleached white bones
Depth charging the senses
of the illusion

Inundated with the visual imagery
Challenging the perspective
Altering the status quo
the parameters of the known

The challenges
Floating on a calm sea
by the winds of change

in the eye of the storm
in the vortex
Clarity of vision
Embedded intention
unfolding it's authenticity
in the manifestations of truth

Saturday, January 1, 2011

In the spiral.......

In the spiral
In the flow
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In the reflection of perception
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Up above.......

Up above
Singing the praises
Reaching for the stars
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An essence breached.......

Sheared branches envelop the shadows underfoot while the sharpness of the punctuated blasts of sound assault the norms of sanity.

The scratch marks and the significant aromas twist the senses of belief and belie the reality.

The engraved stones litter the path and beyond, eschewing a present past and the echoes of the past, in the present.

Candle lit vigils stand in the merits of their united compassion flickering their message in their own invisibility.

Apparitions, fleet footed dance in the shadows, casting their ambivalence, caught in a swathe of emotions,long since buried in the crypts of humanity.

The flora caught in the cross draft of change, emanate their own subtle manifestations.

Bathed in the glorious warmth and heat of the sunbeams, of the day and inspired by the lunar beams at night, a lost essence is breached.

In the obsidian blackness of the pools of water, streams of information become relevant.

The limbs of the trees part their luxuriant foliage, metamorphosing the shadows, bringing light, as the silence reigns supreme.