Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Embellishing the moment.......

A fluttering breeze cools the surface of the pubescent rock, as it's texture impregnates the fingertips with it's own story.

An unfolding tale oozing through the cracks and the pores of an altered reality, criss-crossing the points of reference of the inanimate, with the essence, of the animate.

In the humbled silence of the singing avian apparitions, the status quo of the perception is altered ,with the inbred deeply buried tenacity that has surfaced to work it's magic, across the cross hatched illusions of the voice , that echoes the span of  millennia.

Dipping into the waters of regeneration, the blanketing coolness embraces, as the sensations of floating and levitating, fill the reality of a moment.

Splayed across the pampas grasses, the coolness of each clump seeps into the pores of the willingness, wandering across the planes of invigoration.

Aimless disjointed thoughts fall under the hooves of the tangled, matted woolly Bison, extending their range past the parameters of extinction.

Racing through the viscosity of the underlying meanings and expectations, overlaid with the boxed expeditions that seem to shine in their own neon lights, without the cognisance of the frozen synergy, which awaits it's own conclusional melting point.

Willingly opened up, the boxed vision quest expands the filaments of authenticity, beyond the norms of comfortability, in a supreme effort of undertaking, which has the capacity to alienate and breakthrough the form and the parameters, beyond the known, in an effort to expand, the truth and passion of self.

In the undertaking of this new quest, the friction increases, as the form becomes less recognisable from the outside, creating a sense of nonconformity and uncertainty, that their world has somehow been compromised, and the actions that are promulgated are one's of defensive nature based in the prospects of fear and difference.

Confrontation raises itself from it's slumbers, in the hope that the loaded words of threatening reason are sufficient to circumnavigate the issues, whilst the views remain a laser like look in and not a holistic picture.

Tempting the fates of right or wrong, in a closed perspective of a box , leads to the unravelling of the threads that held the original assumptions and fear in it's place.

Clear skies prevail, as the muddy bog closes in on itself and begins to dry out,  in the invigorating heat of transcending the status quo.

In the movement and sway of the rolling energy, the epiphanous spark of life overwhelms all in it's path.

Overhead, the birds embellish the moment with song.......

Thursday, September 17, 2015


The beads of perspiration appear on the skin, magnetised into making an appearance.

Running with the footsteps, over the unfolding patterned landscape.

A patch work quilt appearing in the front and slowly disappearing behind.

A  congested tube belays it's message through the convolutions of battle.

Purveyors of stories litter the side lines, pre-empting the whistle with their broad strokes of ego.

Brushed wire brushes lose their bristles, due to the activity of their own action.

Trust slips and slides it's way through the open hands and fingers of those pursuing their own agendas.

Overhead the generators race and pulsate with their add on energy, whilst the sun warms the dashboard in the open air parking lot.

Elevators converge in the glass towers, moving upwards, until their fear of heights and gravity, brings them downwards to a considered comfort zone of a relative normality of a reality.

Whispering candles converse with the shadows, flaying the surface to it's essential essence.

Saddled, with the mucous sentimentality that pervades the airways of thought.

Chugging along on the floating platform of a dream, the synchronicity of the elemental shines it's way across the waves of adventure.

Masticating jaws cannot partake in the delights of the taste sensations.

Through the open mouthed gurgling of laughter, shines an elusive light.

Penned across the pages, the consensus lays it's groundwork with the curiousness and enthusiasm of an artist.

The anticipation in the crossing of the pools of light extends itself through the lactating enthusiasm for life.

Each thought becomes the blossoming petal, unfolding in the graciousness, due to the patience and urgency of each sweet  surrender, laid bare in it's own extrapolation and manifestation.

Absorbing the light like a voltaic creative on steroids, placed in the petrified forest of living giants, soaring and ascending through the imagination and daring, of life itself.

Subsisting and surviving on the imprint  and stamp of destiny, augmented through the persistent perception and intention  of the fruits of choice.

Empty windows open and greet the passers-by, taking the opportunity  to recognise, and be cognisant, of each moment.

A sniff of the moist soil ,of an altered perspective, elongates and elasticises all the possibilities, as the golden flame nurtures itself, without the impositions imposing themselves on a essence, which is willing to enlarge itself with each passing moment of being present.

Transitioning through the shades of grey, where all is bathed in colour, as the pertinence and authenticity of the essence shines like a beckoning beacon , merging the shadows into light.

Leaving the cardboard cut out of self on the dump of illusion, as the urgency of each moment of truth , shines through invigorating all.

The hands extend and opens ,  as the seeds of opportunity , roll over the palms of destiny.