Sunday, February 15, 2009

Saturday, February 14, 2009


To be able to remember
the quintessential essence,
of the sum of all experiences,
while holding onto
none of the parts

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A Window to.......


Looking in
Looking out
Through the portal of existence
A step beyond
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In the Vestibule of Darkness.......

In the vestibule of darkness
An entity
Tethered to a fragile reality
Clawing a hope
Holding onto a dream
A free fall of circumstance
Dashed on the rocks below

Raging thoughts
Emotional disparity
A feeling of emptiness
Pains of the past
Thoughts of the present
A cancerous tumour of the mind
Self induced

Unwilling for surrender
In a cold reality
Crushed eggshells
of previous dreams

The collapsed vertebra
of belief in self
The acceptance of randomness
as destiny
The undetermined willingness
to move on
The call for help
The unanswered response
from self
To step out
To step up
To leave this domain
of misery
To have the belief in something greater
To pursue one's own reluctance
To let go
To find that path
To start afresh
To wash away the pain
To understand why
To offer thanks
To forgive
To make the sojourn
of the soul
To gain what is there
To see with new eyes
To hear with new ears
To go forward
To take each step slowly
To be a child again
To create with intellect
To make choices
To release the burden of pain
To reengage oneself
To live with integrity
To recommit to one's own purpose
To expand
To be gracious
To be humble

Finding the seed of remembrance
Reconnecting self
Reconstituting self
Finding the wholeness
The joyousness
Elusive in the journey for so long