Sunday, June 27, 2010

In the Quietness.......

In the quietness
In the solitude of self
Words are superfluous

The Tree Line.......

Walking the boardwalk of parameters
Through the tree line of expectations
Infinitely held in the sweet surrender

Expedited Wishes........A Shift

Expedited wishes
Multifaceted potential
Caught in the grip of fantasy

Learned heresies
Unlearned truths
Adorned with the frills
of what is not

Passive interjections
Vociferous standpoints 
Washed over
The landslide and the flow of nature

Little people
Ply their survival
At odds
The underlying natural order

Echo in the silence
Flashes of brilliance
Appear from the depths
Floating to the surface
Out of the depths
The highest aspirations

Dredging the sea bed
On the summit
Experiencing the heights from below

The juxtaposition
The blending
An understanding of the dualities
An essence explored
Beyond the parameters

Expedited actions
Potential unleashed
Set free
In the realms
of infinity

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Flying through.......

Flying through
Negotiating the portals
Engaging the future
In the present

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Transforming Vacillations.......

The quietness and the serenity of the pond is subtly changed as the surface bubbles from within and the external factors, which previously had an influence are sidelined into the obsidian blackness as the residue is released and for the very first time the dearth of authenticity rises to the surface to spontaneously react with all that is present.

A spectacular fanfare and ticker tape parade of a coming home in the silence and the sanctity of the truth.

The subtleties of an end game diminish as each destination arrives and flows into the next possibility, infinitely reached in the moments of the surrender and embrace of all such moments.

Frozen statuettes released from  bondage walk courageously through the stillness of the night.

Usurping the latent heritage, that has lain stagnant for eons and manifesting the future in the present, the pond vacillates back to the quietness and the serenity.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Collapsed moments slide into each other

The Collapsing Moments---An Endless Opportunity.......

In the accumulation of all the collapsed moments, the perseverance and the determination reach the thresh hold of sustainability and then the miraculous occurs as time disappears into the vacuous blackness and the evolving future becomes the present, while the surrender catapults one across the abyss into a new vista of unparallelled landscapes and endless opportunities.

~The Flame.......~

Brandishing the flame
Carrying the light
Holding the eternity of the moment
In the sanctity of all moments

Surging in the jet stream
of authenticity
The games of chaos
Dissecting the confusion
A reassembly
In a new paradigm

A mission
Flavoured with the cordial
of free choice

A willingness
To exacerbate the status quo
Far beyond

Selfless calibration
In the workshop of deeds

A call
An irresistible pull
with the magnetic fields
Heeding the signs

Into the white water
An evolution
Sustaining what is

~Rocking....... ~

On the floorboards of the past
Envisaging the present

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Flickering Images on the Journey.......

A flickering image
Beyond the perceptions

Flayed layers of skin revealing the illusions of conditioning
Penetrating the inner core frame of the human vehicle
Illuminating the commonality of all
A tonality of dark and light

A revelation in the surrender
Transparent openness of the reveal
A  required catalyst
Overall propulsion in the thrust
Upward  and onward

Falling in the abyss
of gratitude
Meeting the rising thermals of opportunity

The soaring optimism
Each breath taken
Lasting an infinity

On the journey
On the path
Held in the crucible of each moment