Saturday, June 19, 2010

Transforming Vacillations.......

The quietness and the serenity of the pond is subtly changed as the surface bubbles from within and the external factors, which previously had an influence are sidelined into the obsidian blackness as the residue is released and for the very first time the dearth of authenticity rises to the surface to spontaneously react with all that is present.

A spectacular fanfare and ticker tape parade of a coming home in the silence and the sanctity of the truth.

The subtleties of an end game diminish as each destination arrives and flows into the next possibility, infinitely reached in the moments of the surrender and embrace of all such moments.

Frozen statuettes released from  bondage walk courageously through the stillness of the night.

Usurping the latent heritage, that has lain stagnant for eons and manifesting the future in the present, the pond vacillates back to the quietness and the serenity.

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