Sunday, June 27, 2010

Expedited Wishes........A Shift

Expedited wishes
Multifaceted potential
Caught in the grip of fantasy

Learned heresies
Unlearned truths
Adorned with the frills
of what is not

Passive interjections
Vociferous standpoints 
Washed over
The landslide and the flow of nature

Little people
Ply their survival
At odds
The underlying natural order

Echo in the silence
Flashes of brilliance
Appear from the depths
Floating to the surface
Out of the depths
The highest aspirations

Dredging the sea bed
On the summit
Experiencing the heights from below

The juxtaposition
The blending
An understanding of the dualities
An essence explored
Beyond the parameters

Expedited actions
Potential unleashed
Set free
In the realms
of infinity

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