Monday, December 17, 2012

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Through the blankness.......

Part 1

Staring at the blank canvas hypnotised as the weave starts to vibrate and radiate the innermost thoughts.
Vivacious vividness of colour transcends itself through the interconnected neurons as the juxtaposition of the animate and the inanimate blur and clear in ever widening circles.

The soft velvet crush of the white water over the aeon's old smoothness of the rocks stimulates the inner essence of serenity and lifts the vibrations of understanding as the momentum increases and all fall under it's influence.

The gas lamps at the end of the pier flicker as the oars of the rowing boat chop the surface of the lapping water.

Luminous tumble weeds roll past the adobe buildings shape shifting through the shadows and dust on their journey past the shuttered memories of magic and imagination.

The rafters begin to rise and the walls expand as the canvas is invigorated in it's own growth.

Part 2

The hedged path stretches itself in it's unmanicured audacity in between the grape vines until it reaches the domes building.

Energised in the hallowed sanctity of the ground  , the vocabulary of conversation is superfluous, muted into the realms of interconnected silence.

The sharpened spears of truth provide the congruency on the pathway as the swirling motion of the masses endeavours to shift it's stance in the stampede.

Age old patinas disappear revealing colours of essential veracity and vivacity.

Part 3
The sun beats down mercilessly as the hardened clay earth beckons to be opened and turned.

The sliced chunks of earth reveal themselves as the wounded ground elongates and widens itself.

Droplets of perspiration cascade freely as the transformed earth deposits itself next to the excavation.

The signature aroma permeates the air as the body feels the coolness of the earth beneath it.

The granules of sand cling to the body as the transformational powers cleanse and saturate.

Part 4

Waves of heat desiccate the air shimmering in the dreams of a cauldron.

In the wavering shadows of the night the voices call out, slicing through the bristling leaves and splashing the vibrant water.

Apparitions of youth stand on the threshold of a fading moment.

Dislocated in the onrush of solitude, spent feathers arise from their resting place, taking new form in their upward spiral.

Clapping hands mimic the rhythm of the raging white water, elevating it's energy, running it's course to the cascading edge.

Remnants of memories and residues line the path as subsidence and erosion cleanse all once again.

Enraptured in the full flight of renewal, the circle turns, precipitating the onward rush and explosion of the senses.

Scarred edifices stand deserted on the hillside as the vines overtake structure and become the pivot in a mesmerising battle of an age old artist reshaping the landscape into new form.

Heights of greatness ebb and recede into the universal chasms of amnesia, awaiting rediscovery and in the process providing more questions than answers.

Part 5

The large white river stones massage the feet as the crystal clear water laps at the ankles and reflects the starkness of the whitewashed alcove above.

The whitened walls pulsate, energised with flashes of colour, which seem to emerge and disappear at intervals, whilst the definitions of form increase as the story begin to unfold.

Dancing figures and majestic animals show and reveal their insights as the flames send their coals soaring into the thermals and the rhythmic dance follows it's own evolving course.

The sentinel fire keeper holds vigilance, feeding the entity and the essence, precipitating the archetype and in the process revering it.

Adrenalised swirls of energy move around the vacuous spaces of lethargy expediting their osmotic process and leaving the recalcitrant tendrils in their wake.

Flakes of dissolving tissue divest themselves, gently cascading, reluctantly into the darkened pit of a another reality.

A core exalting luminescence builds, as the external changes with each thought and motion.

Motionless in the silence , the generosity spreads.

Blue mountain

Pushing forward towards the inevitability of Blue mountain .......all was within the realms of possibility !