Sunday, March 29, 2009

Desire & Passion.......

In the desire
In the passion
For life
The flame of the human spirit
Overcomes all
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The shelves of

Lifting the moral high ground
From the depths
Of despair

Shifting the paradigms
Bulldozing through the expectations
of a captivated majority
A calculating minority

Extravagant manipulation
A renewed bottom line
An extended top line
A renewal of the human condition
A profiteering

Reaping in the riches

A banking
A currency
Exponentially different
An investment
In oneself
In others
In the human race

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Seeing beyond Looking.......


To see the Earth and the natural surroundings with respect and treat it as an ally and confidante rather than the enemy
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The Other Moments......


All moments whether they are mundane, ordinary, neglected or unnoticed are the unallocated visions of one's ultimate connection to those around one
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Seeing & Feeling.......

To be able to see and feel the moments of each day with the graciousness and the gratitude of the moment
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Clouded Vision......

To be able to view one's life and all the connections without the lables and the forced parameters of the illusion of the reality
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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The Dualities.......


Going beyond the dualities of the senses
The texture and tonalities of essence
A discovery of what is
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A Measure of the Sunset.......

Ingesting the magnificense
of a sunset
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Seeing Beyond.......

Seeing beyond the narrow portals of the parameters of one's own knowingness
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The Permeating Stillness......In the Surrender.......

A permeating stillness
An oozing organism
Letting go

A sentinel boulder
A silent voyeur
A veritable flow of veracity
Stands witness

A change of heart
On a mindset
A shifting paradigm
Illuminates from within

The length of the road
The distance of the journey

Flags wave
On a rise of patriotism
Eventually blurring

Abstract realism
In the guise of a hummingbird

A lateral shift of reality
A headlong rush
Through the illusion

To the nexus
Onto the essence
Truth itself

The permeating stillness
The depth and fullness of emptiness
An osmotic organism
Having let go

In the gratitude
In and to
The grace

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Seized by.......


Being seized
and seizing
Each moment
Flowing with the rhythm
Of life
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Radiating with.......

To be able to radiate with the essence and truth of one's own authenticity
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The Mundane.......

In the grimace of the mundane
The banal represents the opportunity
To see beyond what is.......
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On the Threshold.......


Standing on the threshold
The altered reality
Lying in the footprints of one's destiny
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Change & Progress- The Great Divide.......

Leaping the great divide, whether one thinks, at that moment in time, that one is ready or not.

Each moment exhibits itself to have the potential of change and the synchronicity to usurp one's true heritage, as a spiritual being, while existing in the illusion's laboratory of the duality of the now.

The conditioning and the hell bent ideologies that are able to break certain barriers and propel themselves, with their own forward momentum with the label of progress are many.
In in the realms and spheres of sanctity, divineness and oneness of all individuals, it seems to contain the spirit and essence of all in chains and at the same time offers and creates the illusion of forward momentum, while excepting the cost as a given.

Sacred cows of intent, thought and extrapolation should be visited with the same veracity, without the self serving agenda of the few.

The awakened individual inherently has the power to effect change.

Herein lies the dichotomy, that to effect change, one has to have the right conduits to channel the energy.

How does one group obtain a similar power base, to be able to overcome the cause of the symptoms, without falling into the pitfalls of a vehicle, which is totally self serving with the intentions to win at all costs, with the appendage of excepted collateral damage.

To think that it is only the governments that control the destinies of countries and the world, is part of the illusion.

The power also lies in business private enterprise and multi nationals, who present themselves with a logo and a mission statement, but who have little responsibility to the general populace and are only accountable to the shareholders.

Marketing has conditioned all to cast their votes, not for a person, party or an ideology, but, for a projected need and desire for objects of a consumer society.

Even when the need for something is genuine, eg food--the marketing has taken over and manipulated it to the Nth degree, enforcing and reinforcing the benefits of the products, while reaping the excessiveness of profits, still at the expense of all.

If there were solutions and answers society is still looking for them.

The only way to change the external symptoms is to leap that great divide on a personal basis.

The paradigm shift can only emanate from the individual, until the amount of same thought people changes the whole.

Embellished to the Bone.......

Saturational tiredness
Inveigling the moment
Open mouth
Flapping in the breeze

Distant fears
From the irony and the realities
of the illusion

Effervescent tiredness
Seeps in
A welcome guest
United in gratitude
with the essence of love.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Intuitive Footprints.......

Tracing the course
Following the imprint
Accessing the intuitiveness
of one's own footprints
In the flow of destny
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In the Moment.......

In a moment
Living in vivid clour
Beyond the parameters and expectations of others
In the authenticity of the now.
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In the Embrace of.......

Elemental sarcophagus
Resting peacefully
Awaiting resurrection

Untold stories
In the darkness of possibility

The dead sleep restfully
Holding onto their secrets

The living
Walk the treadmill
Of their own inanimate ego's
Chasing the light
Believing in the light
A rainbow of emotions
With the flow of life

The banks of the stream
Stand sentinel
Either side
A refuge
A place of safety

Is the stream
a raging torrent
or a trickle ?

Perspiciousness fails in the observation
Held back
A perceptive flood of emotions
Changing the perspective
of what is

The trickle
The torrent
A change
A look in at the inner self
A resolution of the distress
A harmony
One with the flow
In sync
Being the harbinger of creativity
Letting go

To rest peacefully
To sleep restfully
The living
Have to truly live
Being in the moment
Embracing the light
The inner glow
The possibility
The resurrection of one's own destiny
A fulfillment
A heritage
Awaiting all

Twin Contemplation.......

In between the moments
A contemplation
A twinned duality
Rewarded with the other perspective
Travelling in the seeds of a dream
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Forest of Dreams.....

In the forest of dreams
The notion of the parallell
Exudes itself
Through the consciousness
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A Return.......


A return to the esence of what is !
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Soaring & Plummeting.......

The lucidity of the darkness creeps back into the consciousness, as the moment is held in suspension, like a blank canvas awaiting it's muses, to reappear and provide a sense of clarity, to the blankness and the nothingness, which has been precipitated by memories, dancing in the shadows of a fire and exhibiting no recollections of anything, than what is.

In the perpetual motion of a cycle, which could be evolutionary or devolutionary, depending on the state of intentions and the willingness that exists enabling it to soar through the shadows or plummet in the light.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

In the Line of Sight......

In the line of sight
Is it real or imagined
Seduced by the serendipitous
Laughing out
The tears of joy
Rivulets of absolution
Impermanent displays
A subtle reminder
A digressing
A transgression
The clutched talons
Held aloft
A moment
A lifetime
A mission
A forward momentum
A leap
Crossing the boundaries
Reconstructing the parameters
Redoubtable intentions
Caught in the wake
A jet stream moment
A wondrous journey
An extension of form

In the line of sight
In the line of sight
All is