Sunday, March 29, 2009

Desire & Passion.......

In the desire
In the passion
For life
The flame of the human spirit
Overcomes all
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Robin Easton said...

Oh yes!! YES! This I know sooo well. The passion for Life overrides everything for me. It's who I AM now. Once we "become" Life little else matters. The journey simply is a wild fantastic sensory experience. Living filled with passion is to live as child lives, where every moment is filled with wondrous miracles and awe. The whole world exists in a blade of grass. All of time exists in a single moment. Everything is new every single day.

Thank so much Derick for knowing this, for choosing to know this and living it.

Hugs to you, beautiful soul.

derick said...

Your comment exudes the passion that you have for each and every moment.
Mille grazie
namaste friend