Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Dualities.......Transformation.......

Progressions of a journey
The embrace of the dualities of self
A movement through transformation
Empowerment of the inner core
Spreading outwards
Encompassing all

Gratitude and enjoyment of what is
A childlike escapade
until the last exhalation.
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The Dawning of True Freedom.......A Journey

A rooster crows at midnight in a pervasive silence which stalks the moonlt gravestones of emotions.

In the seat of darkness, limbering up and awaiting a moment, are the seeds of doubt and fear.

Having lost their battle, they bide their time in the darkness of their own creation.

These are not the seeds that were planted by an external source, in the absense of cognisance
They are the fruits, that persist with the resistance, that is offered to their presence.
Latent in their sublimness and feeding off the conditioning of oblivious denial.

To be able to obviate their impact and intention is the duality of treating it as a foreign body and the enemy.

The struggle in the recognition that they exist, is the beginning of a journey, where the darkness will only recognise the internal light.

In the duality of perception lies the key and the invitation to extend a warm embrace to the darkness..... the intruder, of a more perfect life, which is a hope lost on the invader.

To be able to choose the warm embrace, leads to the disarming of the enemy and the ultimate leap of confidence and self esteem, in the realisation that, the enemy is not the great plunderer, as was thought.

Without the emotional baggage, it is a facet of thought only.

This presents the opportunity to make the choice on how best to deal with it and not pretend thjat it barely exists.

To be blind is to take the darkness as an ally.
To be able to reach into that darkest place and fill it with the essence of light, of self.
To be able to surrender to the darkest fears, is to empower oneself.
To be honest with self, leads one to a space of creativity, instead of being reactive and reflective.

The rooster crows upon the breaking of another day.

The oppressive ravines and gullies open onto the wide open plains of opportunity and more choices.

Finally, to be able to feel and enjoy the true freedom of self and partake in the journey, where self is given freely , in the knowledge and knowingness of the ultimate destiny, in the healing and wholeness of all.

Saturday, January 24, 2009



Capturing the essence

Taking hold

Letting go
The illusions of conditioning
Regaining the power
Being vulnerable
Soaring ever higher
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The Abyss of Light.......

A slaking of the thirst
Indelible desires
Extrapolating outwards

Seemingly alone
On a plane of compassion

Multifaceted dynamics
Leaving the corridors

Through the dank alleyways
A confrontation
A subsidence
Pre conditioned notions

The loss of fear
The innocence regained

Endless streams
A consciousness
A greater awareness
Pushing the limits
Cardovascular expansion
Neuron symphony
Working to the patterns
Exercising the flow

A portico of serenity
Through the universe

An opportunity
Raising the spontaneity
A cross roads

Beyond the pale
Leaving the rest

An abyss of darkness
An unknown
In the crosshairs

Usurping the heritage
Reaching the definitive point
Surpassing each moment
In the joyousness of another

A leap of faith
The gravitational pull of self doubt
A moment of unreasonableness
In the moment of the moment
Touching infinity

A survivor
In and through
The abyss of light.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Looking & Seeing.......

To see
To embrace
To assimilate
To be amazed
To be joyous
To pierce the veils.......

Each moment is precious
Seize the opportunity
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It is
Always will be
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Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Voice.......


To hear the syphony of nature
Feeling the heartbeat
Coursing through the arteries
Flowing through the veins
Touching the essence
Flowing with the magic
Being one again.....
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Friday, January 9, 2009

The Message.......

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The Connection.......

The connection
The words
The images
The source
The flow

Closer than.......
the assumption of the reality
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Floral Duality.......

in the line of sight
dualities of perception
offer the choice!
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Grey skies
Release their wrath
Droplets of life essence
Free fall.......
to their destiny

in a swathe of wetness
cling to clothing
Moistening the skin
Caressing the spirit
Facing their own eventuality
Dropping gently
unto a sodden earth

A greeting
from the heavens
An opportunity
A blessing
A relinquishment of the past
A surrender to the present
An optimism to the future

Choices abound
Serenity prevails
Waiting patiently.......
The long haul
On the journey
in the resurrection of self

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Clarity.......


Looking forward
A rear view mirror of the past
With absolute clarity

Being in the now
A moment....
A connectedness
The joyousness
Illumination from within.
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The Fluctuations.......

The journey speeds up
Subtle fluctuations
A tangible realisation
Of what is.......
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A Turning of the Wheel.......

A turn of the wheel
An altered perspective
Each revolution
A letting go
Piece by piece

Without the vision
Without the whole
Only a part
Seemingly contained
Seemingly whole

Parts merge
Creating a larger whole
Ingesting more of life
Missed moments
Hanging on
The fear
The lack of...
The intuit
Through the conduit

Ingest all
A gormandising force
A voracious physical appetite
Filling the vehicle
With the letting go
The surrender

Another turn
Of the wheel
Greater clarity
Superior resolution

Each turn
A holding on
A letting go
A dying
A rebirth

Thursday, January 1, 2009

The Table........

The table of life.......

Purley a manifestation and obsession with the physical
a manifestion of the inherent possibilties
on the road to infinity
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The Moving Stairs.....

On the moving stairs of life
The urge to let oneself be carried away is strong

Using the momentum of surrender with diligence
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Speaking beyond.....


beyond the spoken word
Pursuing the essence of meaning
beyond the visual
Discovering the wholeness of self
beyond the narrow confines of self
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Fur Baby.........


The tendrils
The threads
of our connections
Surpassing the visual
Overcoming the paralysis of superiority
Recognising the wholeness of creation
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