Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Helix.........

The essence of the helix becomes evident
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The Old Man...

Sinking to my knees
I feel the earth between my fingers
Touching the face....
With the wise old man.....
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The Magik Triangle.......


It appears
It disappears
Dissecting the paralells
Through the magik triangle
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Seagull Magik

Forever there
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Magik Apparition...

A momentry wisp of magik
Floating by
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The Fruitbowl Hand.......

Salivating in the darkness
Luminescing choices
Being one with the outcome.....
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On a sea of clouds
On a couch of leather dreams
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Mystique.....

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Flowing with the mystique
A sea of resolutions
A sea of choices
A sea of results
Issued forth
From the lips of mother nature
Rebirthed in the authenticity and truth of self

The Path..........

The skin tightens
Cold shivers
Play in the grey surrounds
Water splashes
All around me

A space of dryness
Across a square
A lonely piazza
With the falling rain

A Chinese dragon
Stands aloft
To a closed abode

In the quietness
In the dryness
A sense of peace
A sense of contemplation
Extrapolation of the realities
Verification of the truths
Extruding the essence
Leaving the physical
Finding the emptiness
Leaving the manifestations
Out of the physical
Entering the space of spirit
Travelling the unmarked road
Delving past the thought
In a sea of tranquility
In the moment of truth
Form and shape
Tendrils and filaments
Illuminate the path
All around
The glow
All around
The love

I have come home
I am the energy
I am my path

Seasonal Change..............

On a darkened shadow, in the wings, lying in wait, ruminating on the probabilities and the possibilities of an emotional outcome, while the summer starts to fold it's rays of radiant sunshine and the air sends cold shivers and goosebumps, up and down my body as I feel the impending change of the status quo, which presented a surprise when all that was, was no more, as the past sank slowly into the quicksand of memory and the future seemed a blur, which made the present even clearer and as the energy of the moment broadened it's horizons, there was this deja vu and the warmest feelings of completeness, as the leaves began to gently fall to the ground, held in suspension in a freeze frame of change and each aspect of life fell into the pieces of the puzzle, which began to make sense and what seemed like the time spent having a coffee break, the heat of the sun played down on my body and looking up, the first green shoots started to sprout on an expectant landscape and it was in that moment, that all was and is, as it should be.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Feathered Moment Hand........

A discovered moment
Fleetingly present
Untamed in the spontaneity
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The Dream Boat.......

Reflected in the pool of the imagination
A sailing boat
Filled with the entities of all souls
The dream......
A reunification of the oneness

Setting sail to wholeness
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The Anchor..............

The anchor
To preserve stability
To entrench immobility

Casting away the anchors of the mind....
Surrendering to the current of life...
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Friday, September 5, 2008

The Past.... in the Present ....for the Future

Revisiting the past
In a new present
Creating the reality
Mastering the moment....
In the now

Creatively inspired
Revisiting the present
Insights from the past

A new day
A dawning of self
Rising up through the darkness
Being illuminated

A cycle
Interests vested

Beyond the obvious
Asking the questions
Moving beyond the past
Returning from the future
Capturing the present

Knowledge of the past
Paths taken

Assumed knowledge of the future
Paths to be taken

The moment of the now.....
Direction to implement
Affecting the future
Impacting the past

The Last Vestiges of Light.............

The last vestiges of light leave my visual panorama of natural delights and the awareness increases as the darkness envelops me in it's comforting blanket of self assurance, while the tingling and rippling sensation, just underneath the skin waxes with it's own modulations and rhythms, as the temperature around me drops, like a feather from a distant tree.

My body starts to emanate a enveloping warmth and develops into an all encompassing heat, which send shimmers of energy through the darkness acting as a beacon for all fauna, who have been drawn here to forage.

The breeze starts to move itself like a reluctant geriatric at first and then takes on the stride of a marathon runner, who has endless stamina but none the less paces themselves for the long haul.

While the voices of reciprocity are able to make themselves heard, as i slowly drift off to be part of the great Sensurround and in the flickering light of a colony of fireflies, all that remains in the clearing is an impression in the soft sand, where I once stood.