Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Old Man...

Sinking to my knees
I feel the earth between my fingers
Touching the face....
With the wise old man.....
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Robin Easton said...

God, this brought tears to my eyes. Man, this one came right out of the depth of your soul. I think this is one of my favorite. I know I have many, but this punched me in the gut and tore at my heart. So beautiful. I cannot get over how this just continually flows out you. Amazing Derick. Hugs, Robin

derick said...

The original image of this was of a waterlogged piece of ground after a particular hectic downpour in my garden.
Creating the new image happened in a moment and the words flow with that moment.
They seem to float into my head and are written before i even have time to reflect.
It all comes down to surrender and the letting go and then the flow increases.
i thank you for your unwavering support and honesty in the comments that are posted here.
They are appreciated.
Mille grazie
Take care