Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Path..........

The skin tightens
Cold shivers
Play in the grey surrounds
Water splashes
All around me

A space of dryness
Across a square
A lonely piazza
With the falling rain

A Chinese dragon
Stands aloft
To a closed abode

In the quietness
In the dryness
A sense of peace
A sense of contemplation
Extrapolation of the realities
Verification of the truths
Extruding the essence
Leaving the physical
Finding the emptiness
Leaving the manifestations
Out of the physical
Entering the space of spirit
Travelling the unmarked road
Delving past the thought
In a sea of tranquility
In the moment of truth
Form and shape
Tendrils and filaments
Illuminate the path
All around
The glow
All around
The love

I have come home
I am the energy
I am my path


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