Sunday, September 14, 2008

Seasonal Change..............

On a darkened shadow, in the wings, lying in wait, ruminating on the probabilities and the possibilities of an emotional outcome, while the summer starts to fold it's rays of radiant sunshine and the air sends cold shivers and goosebumps, up and down my body as I feel the impending change of the status quo, which presented a surprise when all that was, was no more, as the past sank slowly into the quicksand of memory and the future seemed a blur, which made the present even clearer and as the energy of the moment broadened it's horizons, there was this deja vu and the warmest feelings of completeness, as the leaves began to gently fall to the ground, held in suspension in a freeze frame of change and each aspect of life fell into the pieces of the puzzle, which began to make sense and what seemed like the time spent having a coffee break, the heat of the sun played down on my body and looking up, the first green shoots started to sprout on an expectant landscape and it was in that moment, that all was and is, as it should be.

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