Friday, September 5, 2008

The Last Vestiges of Light.............

The last vestiges of light leave my visual panorama of natural delights and the awareness increases as the darkness envelops me in it's comforting blanket of self assurance, while the tingling and rippling sensation, just underneath the skin waxes with it's own modulations and rhythms, as the temperature around me drops, like a feather from a distant tree.

My body starts to emanate a enveloping warmth and develops into an all encompassing heat, which send shimmers of energy through the darkness acting as a beacon for all fauna, who have been drawn here to forage.

The breeze starts to move itself like a reluctant geriatric at first and then takes on the stride of a marathon runner, who has endless stamina but none the less paces themselves for the long haul.

While the voices of reciprocity are able to make themselves heard, as i slowly drift off to be part of the great Sensurround and in the flickering light of a colony of fireflies, all that remains in the clearing is an impression in the soft sand, where I once stood.

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