Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Ebb and the Flow..........

The tiredness ebbs and flows on the back of a wild mustang moving across the reality of a dream, while the challenge remains as a beacon on a distant hill.

The energy and the power that flows through my veins, courses it's way sometimes haphazardly, mostly with the intent of the wolf stalking prey and loping it's way through the darkness of the night and the brightness of it's vision, which pierces through all but the solid and then morphs and transcends it's form from the running gait of the interloper to the two legged stalking of the wizened man of indeterminate age, as the fluidity of his movements and energy lead one to believe in the perception of the intention and as the masterly figure enters the shadows, so does he become one with the shadows and all that are close, realise that, housed in the vehicle of what they see, runs the essence of who they are and in the moment of realisation, they are overcome in the joyousness of tears and contain their emotions,while their eyes fill up with the mists of their own choices, they blink and he is gone, until a woman with eyes closed prays for her family and when she feels the touch, her eyes remain closed as the energy transfers itself and the answer to her prayers manifests itself in her mind and her eyes open and she is still alone, as the wind collects the dust off the streets and sends it soaring into the sky, which starts to pulsate with an energy, framing the skyline in it's own beauty, while the sun feels it's own tiredness and gently dips it's head and slowly starts to sink beneath the horizon.

It is then that i realise that the tiredness has disappeared with all being in harmony as the micro has finally been reconciled with the macro and as i close my eyes, i gently drift off to the land of the wolves, the mustangs and the wizened old man who now dwells within.


Anonymous said...

your words never cease to transport me some place special ...

thank you!


derick said...

Thank you for that....i do feel extremely blessed and if there be only one who is able to resonate and be transported by what is written then that is a blessing in itself.
For your own journey always look at what you have achieved and the dance to infinity is but a breath away.
take care