Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Fruition..............

a word
a thought
a deed
the planting of a seed
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Robin Easton said...

This is such a simple and timeless truth....AND YET to see it written here like this...for some reason it slammed into me afresh and I felt the power of it's truth. It's the way you have written the truth and the photo that goes with it.

It reminded me of on day walking along a sidewalk in a major city, with hundreds of rushing people tramping by, and I happen to glance down and see a single blade of grass growing in a crack in the concrete. And amazingly no one had stepped on that tiny piece of truth, that reminder of our origins...Mother Earth. She speaks to us even through the the concrete.

derick said...

The picture was taken on my patio--the head on the wall was lying around for a while and with the bonsai tree, it came alive and spoke..
thank you namaste